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The front of the airplane has never been more refined. Those clunky “first class” seats from your living room are gone and they’ve been replaced by luxurious flat beds with hotel quality bedding and sophisticated entertainment systems. The fine touches aren’t lost either! Airlines now partner with celebrity chefs and sommeliers to offer the best food and wine experiences at 33,000 feet. For years now this kind of domestic refinement was limited to New York flights, but a few airlines are changing that and to make their presence known, they’ve launched fares starting at just $797 round trip!

a row of seats in an airplaneThe Deals

JetBlue, United, Delta and Aeromexico are rapidly expanding their flat bed business class game to new markets. While most transcontinental direct flat bed fares run over $1500 round trip (and often a lot more) you can fly round trip for under $850 on each airline. There are deals from New York and Boston to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Mexico City – and many deals work in both directions. Other cities such as Washington DC and Miami also have a few good deals. We’ll show you more details below…

a group of palm treesThe Dates

Many of these deals are available all year and into 2019 as well! Summer dates are more limited than others, but you can find the best deals in each month. Not every single date will be available, so we suggest using these Google Flights tricks to pull up the best prices with ease. We’ve made easy to use links for you anyway though!

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How To Book

We love easy and think you deserve it too. Well, at least most of you. Here are the best round trip deals you can book, like: $797 Boston to San Francisco on United, $797 Boston to San Diego with JetBlue, $819 New York to Mexico City on Aeromexico Dreamliner$847 Boston to Seattle with JetBlue. Standard “good deal” pricing between New York and Los Angeles direct is available for $1,100 with Delta, American or United. There are also one way New York to Cabo, via Los Angeles tickets available for $400 – if you “know how to make those work”.

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