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Israel, simply put, is a gem. It’s got the world class beaches you seek, but so much more that makes travel truly worthwhile, from exciting markets to heavenly food and fascinating culture.

Tel Aviv is like Santa Monica in the Middle East, but with better food and prices too.

For about a year now, Israel has been closed to foreign visitors, but that’s officially changing as of May 23rd, when international travelers will be welcomed once again. If you’ve been dying to experience the delights of this jewel of the Middle East, it’s time to start booking.

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Israel Reopening Tourism

Israel is reopening select tourism on May 23rd, but there’s one big catch. You’ll need to be fully vaccinated. For now, the country is not welcoming unvaccinated travelers and there’s no telling when it will.

Initial international visitor numbers will also be capped, allowing for the safest easing of travel restrictions. Sadly, that means only groups will initially be allowed in May, and perhaps not many others in June either.

That’s expected to change quickly, as easier ways to fully validate travel vaccination certificates emerge and results of the group travel pilot pour in. July is an expected “safe date” for individual travelers to book trips.

All travelers bound for Israel will need to supply a PCR test before departure, and be subject to a serological test on arrival to confirm the status of covid-19 vaccination.

Read as: don’t even think about faking a vaccination certificate, because vaccination status will be proven on arrival with the serological test, and a wrong result might not bode well.

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Getting To Israel

From the rich cultural center and powerful feelings of Jerusalem, to the joys of the Dead Sea, and culinary delights of Tel Aviv, there’s so much to do and see in Israel. A return visit to Tel Aviv is top of the list for Team GSTP this year.

Direct flights to Israel have ramped up in recent years, including a variety of US cities now offering direct service to Tel Aviv. Low cost carriers throughout Europe have also stepped up service into Israel, forcing major airlines to compete on fare. It’s rarely hard to bag a superb bargain.

Now that there’s a green light to visit, there’s no excuse not to. Plans for May might be adventurous, but by mid Summer, or early autumn, when weather begins to ease off in temperature to perfectly sun drenched but walkable levels, things should be prime. If you need inspiration, check out this 48 hour guide to Tel Aviv.

More details are expected to be announced next week, and this article will be updated accordingly as new information emerges. For now, start planning!

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  1. I haven’t yet seen anything regarding exemptions for kids (who can’t be vaccinated, of course) – that will mean a lot of potential visitors are automatically excluded, which is a shame.

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