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Shalom, Tel Aviv. As one of the world’s most dynamic, delicious and downright fascinating destinations, desire to visit this Santa Monica of the Middle East never falters.

For travelers from the US though, that’s typically required at least one connection, usually via Europe, adding both time and complexity when people are looking for the opposite. There’s good news though.

After years with limited direct connectivity, largely only by national carrier El Al, new flight routes to Tel Aviv are popping up left and right, and more US cities now benefit from direct service, on a variety of airlines.

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More US – Tel Aviv Flights For 2021

Tel Aviv has established itself as a leading tech hub in the Middle East, and accordingly, airlines are swooping in to pick up on the exciting new business. High tech, or no tech, it’s great news for passengers who now benefit from easier access from the USA to this gem of a destination, with more airlines catering to their needs.

Just see GSTP’s 48 hour guide for Tel Aviv inspiration, it’s amazing.

American Airlines has added a third Tel Aviv route from Miami, and is now scheduled to serve Miami, New York and Dallas with direct flights. The American Airlines Miami – Tel Aviv flights will inaugurate on June 4th and 5th, respectively.

This adds to United’s plans for Washington DC, New York, San Francisco and Chicago, as well as Delta from New York, amid growing speculation about the future of many El Al routes.

Delta, for its part, has opened up the floodgates on availability using points to drum up demand, and at least two people can fly business class on Delta’s direct JFK-TLV flight for 210,000 SkyMiles per person, and just $50 at present, for flights in December 2021. Flights with connections via Europe are available for 170,000 points round trip.

El Al serves up to 8 US cities seasonally, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston and Orlando in addition to services from Miami, Chicago and New York.

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When Will Israel Open To Visitors

For weeks, there’s been rumor that an announcement on Israel’s tourism reopening would be coming sooner than expected. That’s still expected to hold true, and sources inside the Israeli Government suggest May 1st is a safe date, and things may in fact start up sooner.

Israel has been a leader in vaccination, and at this point it’s unclear whether arrivals will be limited to those who have also been vaccinated, or if one would simply need to test negative before departure, and perhaps again on arrival.

Either way, despite all the other goings on, 2021 promises to be the most exciting year in US connectivity to Israel. There just aren’t many more enjoyable destination to sit by the beach, enjoy world class food and explore the rich cultural offerings, markets and (secret bars too). Tel Aviv is a gem, and it’s now easier to get there.

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  1. A pet peeve of mine but PLEASE change the title to non-stop instead of direct. I expect people that don’t fly much to use “direct” and ignore them as I know they don’t understand airline terminology but it is unacceptable IMHO in a blog like this.

    As you know non-stop goes from point A to point B without stopping which is what the new flights do. Direct is a holdover from the old days (and still around on some routings) where a flight goes from point A to point B with one or more stops along the way. They can even change equipment as long as the flight number doesn’t change and it is a direct flight.

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