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They’re the scourge of solo travellers, but companion fares can bring incredible deals. Today, they can get you round trip to Australia or New Zealand for a mere £1325 ($1700) per person, on top airlines like Swiss, Singapore and Lufthansa. Availability is drying up at Usain Bolt speed, so here’s how to jump in…

Swiss Business Class Throne Seat Boeing 777Australia & NZ Business Class Deals

Star Alliance has incredible companion offers out of Amsterdam, which is arguably one of the easiest and cheapest cities to reach from any European gateway. And don’t forget that you can use miles to get there, and make the positioning cost effectively nil!

There are staggeringly good deals to Sydney and Auckland, with creative routing options to maximize points and see a little bit of Southeast Asia en route. The fares are around 1600, which works out to £1325 or so, and will vary by about £100 depending one exact date. The only catch is that you need to search and book for two, or you won’t find prices anywhere near. If there’s every been a good time to find a travel buddy, it’s now.

And hey, it’s not like you need to share a hotel or even speak to them. With that in mind, feel free to use the comments section as a Craigslist missed connections style forum to find someone to book with…

Oh, and here’s a review of Swiss 777 business class.

The Dates You Can Travel

Availability to New Zealand is currently incredible through October, but then promptly dies off. In other words, if you plan on hitting Australia or New Zealand between now and the end of the October, jump on these fantastic offers. Sydney has much lower availability, but is great around December and January 2020/2021.

Many allow routing onto Singapore Air or the Swiss Boeing 777 which both offer the best experiences. Don’t worry about minimum stays, since these fares are more about availability. Fortunately, the Swiss website makes that quite easy.

a body of water with trees and mountains in the backgroundHow To Book And Fly

These offers can be booked directly with Swiss, at Swiss.com. That’s fortunate, because they have the easiest calendar to check availability. Dates in gold are available, and dates in gray or not – and you can view an entire month at a time. Bear in mind though, that options may be available even if they don’t show up on Swiss.com, that’s when you’ll want to search on Kayak…

If you want to try to shave a few bucks off, you can find dates where the prices are available, and then go look to book with Skyscanner or Kayak, to see if lower prices exist. These kind of fares are extremely rare, so if Australia and NZ is in the cards, get on it… fast, like Usain Bolt fast.

Thanks, Travel-Dealz.eu.

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