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When people see layover, they see negative – but really a layover can be a playover, and may even become the best part of a trip. In Madrid, that’s more likely than most cities. The Spanish metropolis is booming with culture, Mediterranean sunshine, exquisite food and wine and all the things you love about a classic European city, and now, if you book a flight with Iberia, you can add some extra time in Madrid with no extra flight costs, and major discounts on the things you want to do…

a white airplane in the skyTurning Layovers Into Unforgettable Side Trips

At least 9 major airlines offer clever stopover programs, which turn the drag of a layover into a fun side trip to an incomparable city. Why spend 7 hour at the airport when you can extend that to a night or two en route? With Iberia, you can now make it 10 airlines offering this sort of setup, and being that Iberia’s goes through Madrid, it may not be the first – but it may quickly become the best.

Iberia Hola Madrid Stopover Program

Iberia is offering free Madrid stopovers, which allow you to spend up to 6 nights in Madrid, with no additional airfare charged. Basically, if you are going to book a ticket flying from New York to Paris on Iberia, and were just going to connect in Madrid, you can now extend that stopover to a night, or a few, without getting charged more.

The same works the other way around too, for those connecting in Madrid from Europe and beyond.

While there aren’t presently any free hotel nights offered, Iberia has partnered with local brands to bring up to 40% discounts on Melia hotels for stopover guests, VIP access to breweries, museum discounts and even savings on car transfers and and other services. That’s awesome. Hola Madrid stopover visitors even get 3 free beers at Mahou brewery! Cheers, or Salud!

Madrid_plaza_mayorHow To Use The Iberia Madrid Stopover Program

I find this extremely exciting, and I’m now thinking of flying Iberia the next time I venture between Europe and the USA, just to get a great discount on a side trip to one of my favourite cities. To use this program, the best thing to do is to use Google Flights and find dates where you can find Iberia flights at the prices you want.

Next, head to the Iberia “Hola Madrid” stopover page, enter the dates you’ve found and simply select how many nights you’d like to rest in Madrid in between your departure and final destination.

Prices should be the same, and you’ll the be presented with loads of options discounts you can use for your stay. Of course, you can always just find your own hotels, Airbnb or whatever else – but it’s a really nice thought from Iberia! This turns the layover into something soo much better…

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