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Hyatt has unveiled their latest and greatest promotion to entice you to sleep in their bedrooms while you’re away from home, rather than someone else. In short, the offer brings double points, but if you happen to hold the Hyatt credit card, there’s more. Here’s how to register and take advantage of more points in the bank.

a couch with a table and a round table in a room with a view of a cityHyatt 2020 Double Points Offer

Put it this way, when it comes to points – and perhaps other things – a double is almost always better than a single. Starting on your second stay, Hyatt is offering 2X points at more than 1,000 hotels. As you may know, Hyatt added lots of boutique properties in recent years via their Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) partnership, which means it’s not all mega-chains.

A clever element of this promo is that it also adds value to the World of Hyatt Credit Card, offering an additional 1,500 points per stay for any stay that includes a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. So basically, it’s 2X for everyone on any date within the promo, and 2X plus 1,500 World Of Hyatt Points per stay for cardmembers who stay during the weekend too. For visual learners, here’s the bullet points…

  • You can earn up to 100,000 bonus points.
  • The promo counts for stays from Feb 15 – May 15.
  • Points kick in on the second stay, not the first.
  • You gotta check out by May 15th to get the bonus.
  • You must register by March 31st, but you should do that now.

Fine Print And Boring Stuff

Fine print? There’s not much. Just follow the rules and check out between February 15th and May 15th of 2020. If you were being clever, you’d get a short stay where you wouldn’t earn many points over with first, so that your 2X kicks in on a nice juicy stay.

You can confirm all the details of the Hyatt Double Points “Bonus Journeys” promo on the Hyatt promotional page, which is a good idea anyway because you need to go there and register. Yep, if you forget to register, it’s all in vein, so don’t do that.

Here’s a guide to maximizing Hyatt Points to inspire your growing new balance.

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