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Hyatt Points are amongst the very best in the world of hotels. You just don’t need an insane amount to enjoy some incredible free nights. One of the biggest misconceptions with Hyatt’s new partnership with SLH – or Small Luxury Hotels – is that all the offerings are expensive. They may be luxurious for the most part, but expensive they are not.

There are some total gems at reasonable prices, and if you bother to look, you can land 3,000 bonus points per stay, when you book via Hyatt. 10 nights and you’ve got yourself a stay that could be worth $1000…

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The Offer

You can bag 3,000 World Of Hyatt Points for every stay at over 300 participating SLH between now and March 2nd, 2020. You must first register here. Basically, you’ve got a full three months and then some, to discover a variety of boutique SLH hotels where you can both earn and burn World of Hyatt Points, benefits and elite nights. Frankly, you should.

There’s no limit to the amount of points you can earn.

This means that each stay (separated by at least one night) can land 3,000 bonus points in addition to whatever standard points you earn. By taking advantage of this promo, you’d need no more than 10 nights to secure a free night at a fully top tier Hyatt or SLH property, including options which can quite easily retail over $1000 per night. That’s superb value on the return.

Viceroy BaliThe Fine Print

This is pretty simple. You must register beforehand and you must book via the Hyatt channel to enjoy the bonus points on this promo. You also must book an eligible rate which basically means keep it simple and book via Hyatt. All eligible SLH properties will populate if you search for accommodation on World of Hyatt. Points stays don’t count, so you will be parting ways with cash.

You must register by January 31st, though there’s no reason not to simply get that done now and be all set. The registration promo page also offers a link confirming all the 300+ SLH properties which participate, just so you can double, triple check.

a couch with a table and a round table in a room with a view of a cityCompelling Stuff

Many of the end of year slash beginning of year hotel promos across the brands have been rather disappointing, but as a fan of boutique and unique hotels, but also of all things earning and burning, this promo really speaks to me.

I regularly stay at SLH properties, particularly in Europe and Asia and earning 3,000 bonus points per stay is enough to actually make me brand loyal through March 2nd, which isn’t something I can often say. I’d love to earn 30,000 points and cash them in for a free night at my beloved Viceroy Bali, or work towards more points for a couple nights at a top property in Tokyo.

You really can’t go wrong.

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  1. 10 nights and you got yourself $1000? How misleading is that ? 30,000 points aren’t worth $1000. Points are worth what they can easily be redeemed for. Not many people are heading to Sydney or Tokyo tomorrow to redeem for a park Hyatt. Also some people would rather have 6 free nights at a Hyatt Place in Bangkok worth only about $500. Not the best use of points but for someone who needs their hotel covered and doesn’t have extra cash it’s a good deal. Where to bloggers get these point values from? Plus. What is the cost of picking an SLH property over somewhere else.

    Either way I have over 900,000 Hyatt points I do not think for one second I will get $27,000 worth of hotel stays.

      1. Ryan clearly doesn’t get it, seems like he’s better suited to be collecting cash backs and leaving the miles/points for those who know more. However, top-tier is Cat 8 at Hyatt now so 40,000 points, which is more like 13-14 SLH stay bonuses

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