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Travel is a more dynamic wonder of enjoyment than ever before. We have more access to points, more ways to book, and sometimes, the perfect stay is about throwing a bit of everything at the trip. Hyatt just made that really easy, with the roll out of the much anticipated “Pay Your Way” program.

Hyatt “Pay My Way”

The day is finally here. Hyatt has rolled out “Pay My Way” a revolutionary new system for booking hotel stays without hassle. It’s revolutionary because it allows you to pay with different methods for different nights, like cash one night, points the next and a mix on the third.

a pool with a deck chair and a deck chair

Historically, this could only be done by physically picking up the phone, or making separate reservations for each night online, and asking the hotel to merge them.

Now, thanks to Hyatt’s “Pay My Way” feature available online, you can pay for stays using all the currencies, and points available to you. Simply select “Pay My Way” rather, rather than “book now” when running a Hyatt search.

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When you do, you’ll see a grid pop up, giving you the option of assigning cash, points, or points + cash for each night. Think of it like a bingo card, where you can select your numbers for each night.

This is a game changer of the best kind, making the process simple and easy, before confirming a booking. Do note, you’ll need to be logged into World Of Hyatt online for the “Pay My Way” feature to show up.

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Hyatt’s “Pay My Way” allows you to combine points bookings and cash bookings into one easy reservation.
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Here I’ve selected cash one night, points the next, and points + cash for the next. All in one easy Hyatt reservation.

Flexibility Is Everything

In 2020, we’ve learned that free time is precious, and we don’t want to spend it on the phone talking to customer service agents. No offense, customer service agents.

Hyatt’s “Pay My Way” tool allows you to put the points you’ve earned to great use, while also paying cash for other nights if you’re short on points, or vice versa. Being able to use points

Over time, there’s hope that more dynamic and specialist cash rates could also apply, rather than just standard and World Of Hyatt member rates, but for now, for most people, this is the best and easiest way to get a stay booked, without picking up the phone, or emailing a hotel and asking if you can keep the same room, for all your randomly glued together bookings.

Using points and cash for hotels is easier today than it was yesterday, and that’s great news for people who make vacations happen using all the tools and currencies available to them. I’m definitely one of those people!

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  1. Could be a way to use club access certs with FN certs. Usually you cannot apply club access cert to a stay booked with a FN cert, but if combined with points or cash nights, perhaps the system would allow it. Probably won’t matter much to me anymore since I plan to get Globalist by February.

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