a rooftop restaurant with tables and chairs and a city skyline

Covid-19 sucks, we all know that, but crisis breeds creativity.

For one hotel in Bangkok, the Hyatt Regency, creativity just perked up many ears around the globe How does a year of all your meals prepared, an extra $6000 to spend on room service, 10 limousine rides, 10 massages and even a private rooftop birthday party for 20 friends, in addition to a room for 365 days, for $33,125 sound?

The Hyatt Regency in Bangkok, Thailand is offering a promotion that’s highly amusing to some, and highly 16 digit credit card worthy for others. Called the “one million baht club”, the new hotel promotion offers the chance to enjoy a full 365 day year of staying at the Hyatt Regency, in addition to some insane extras.

a rooftop restaurant with tables and chairs and a city skyline
Not a bad place to toast a birthday?

View From The Wing reports that anyone joining this amusingly cool club will enjoy…

  • A Club Room for 365 days.
  • Access to Club Lounge, with breakfast, hors d’oeuvres, evening cocktails.
  • Use of Club Lounge (even when you’re not staying) for up to 10 people.
  • 10 nights at a Hyatt beach property in Thailand, including Hua Hin.
  • 10 limousine rides in the Bangkok metropolitan area.
  • 10 massages, either Thai or Aroma – your choice.
  • $6,000 food and beverage credit for restaurants or room service.
  • A rooftop birthday party for up to 20, with 2 hours free flowing drinks.
  • Complimentary daily laundry and parking.

In Thailand, $33k a year on living expenses is a lot, but the extras are arguably “epic” and against all odds, the spend and the nights count towards Hyatt elite status. You’ll be Globalist with too many suite upgrades to burn, and nearly 15% of the way towards a lifetime of top tier Hyatt status.

What’s not been reported much yet, is that Americans can actually already enter Thailand right now, as can virtually anyone else who was previously eligible. This means this promo is totally doable, if you’re half crazy and eccentric.

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It’s all a bit of a pain, but with a covid-19 test, a few forms, a letter from an embassy and 14 nights of quarantine on arrival, it’s 100% doable, as many can now attest. A kind reader was nice enough to share their experience departing Los Angeles for Thailand via Doha, and had no problems getting in.

Unlike other offers for unlimited stays in more remote regions of the world, Bangkok is a bustling, breathing and ever vibrant city. This offer allows virtually anyone willing to put up with 14 days of quarantine and a few intrusive forms to visit a fascinating part of the world, 60-90 days at a time, or extend a visa for longer.

If not for anything else, the amusement level would be extremely high. Of course, if spending $33k right now is that easy for you, your amusement level should be fairly high anyway. To book, email bangkoksukhumvit.regency@hyatt.com and mention the “Million Baht Club”.

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  1. Hi Gilbert, Thanks for posting and I’m sure it’s bound to peak a lot of peoples’ interest. I was just wondering if you could help to clarify a few things regarding this offer.
    *Is this offer time limited?
    *Is the price for 2 people or double that?
    * You state ‘all meals prepared’ but I cant find where in the offer it stipulates that!
    * Do you know or come across any similar offers that are on a shorter time-frame?

    Thanks for posting.


    1. Hey John,

      Price is for 2 people plus up to 1 child.

      By meals we mean club meals, which means breakfast, snacks, afternoon canapes etc. Many travelers make that a day.


  2. Bangkok for a week is doable, Any longer than that in one stint is totally undoable. Yuk, I could not think of anything worse

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