Before you can actually use your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points…

Turning Chase Ultimate Rewards Points into airline miles or hotel points can be one of the best ways to extract maximum value from your spending rewards. Transferring points to airlines or hotels can lock in set values, which means it doesn’t matter how much cash a flight or hotel is going for. For example, transferring 25,000 points to a hotel loyalty program could unlock a room worth $750 per night, or a flight of similar value.

Chase Ultimate Rewards (Learn More) are undoubtedly some of the best points in the business, and there are brilliant ways to use them, but before you can – you need to know how to actually transfer your points. Here’s an easy, step by step visual guide for transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards Points into hotel points or airline miles…

The first step, is an obvious one. You’ll need to login to your Chase credit card accounts online, at Once logged in, you’ll see all your accounts laid out, and you’ll want to focus on the menu along the lefthand side of your screen if you’re on desktop, or after clicking a specific card, if you’re on mobile app.

You’ll find the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal just under your card accounts, on the left side menu on desktop, and after clicking on an individual card if you’re in the Chase Mobile App. Next, you’ll want to click your points balance (yes, where we show click here), which will bring up the rewards side of the website.

You’re now logged in, and just clicks away from getting the job done. You can mostly ignore the dashboard at center screen, and instead focus on the three rectangle menu at the top left. This will bring down the options you need to create a points transfer. Chase offers you quite a few less than optimal ways to cash in your credit card points. For your sanity and ours, skip past the gift cards, and click “Transfer To Travel Partners”. Before you complete the next step, you’ll need your account number for whichever airline or hotel you plan to transfer to. For example, if you’re transferring to AerLingus, you’ll need to have your AerLingus number handy. On your own screen, you can now see all the airline and hotel transfer partners offered by Chase Ultimate Rewards, including Singapore, Virgin Atlantic, World Of Hyatt and many more. Pick the program you’d like to transfer some, or all of your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to, in 1,000 point increments. You’ll now be asked to enter the final info before your transfer is ready to go. The site asks for a member ID, which is the account number associated with whichever program you’re transferring to. If you’re transferring to Marriott, you’d enter your Marriott Rewards number here, where it says Member ID. Same for any other airline or hotel. Pop in the exact amount of points you’d like to transfer, in 1,000 point increments and get ready to enjoy your points to the max. Chase will ask you to confirm your details one last time, and before you know it, your points will be on the way into your preferred airline or hotel program. Once you transfer your points, you cannot transfer them back, so only transfer when you’re ready to use them. Some transfers post almost instantly, while others take up to 48 hours. Enjoy your points…

Learn more about earning Chase Ultimate Rewards Points here.

Have you transferred your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to an airline or hotel?

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