If traveling for free was easy, everyone would do it. In the pursuit of free travel you face never ending battles starting with earning points, earning more points, having points, figuring out how to use them and then finally maximizing them and booking something incredible. Here are five sure fire ways to be sure you’re glad you spent em’…

To Transfer Points: If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card you can transfer points to partners. If you have just a Chase Freedom you cannot, but if you have both, you can transfer points from both. First, set up accounts with the airline or hotel you want to transfer to, they are free. Once you have those in place, login online to your Chase account, go to Ultimate Rewards, Transfer Points and enter your details…

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80K Points For Business Class Round Trip Between US And Europe

Transfer Partner: Korean Airlines Skypass To be perfectly clear, Korean Airlines does not fly between the US and Europe, but you can use their miles (which you create by transferring Chase Points) on their numerous partners, which do fly to Europe, including Air France, Alitalia, Delta, KLM. Using Korean SkyPass miles gives you one of the best values to cross the pond in style, just 80,000 miles round trip for flat beds.

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6k-48k Points Hotel Suite Upgrades Or Free Nights In Suites

Transfer Partner: Hyatt Gold Passport Have a cash booking and want to turn it into a suite? You need just 6,000 points per night! Want to book a suite for free using points? You can use between 8,000-48,000 points per night (the higher end the hotel the more towards 48,000) to book a suite for free. This is an amazing opportunity to turn a relatively small number of Chase Points into very valuable perks and… huge rooms with Hyatt, simply by transferring your points to the hotel chain.

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15K Points Round Trip Short Economy Flights Anywhere In The World

Transfer Partner: British Airways Executive Club Sometimes short flights are crazy expensive, especially last minute. Not expensive? 15,000 points round trip almost anywhere in the world. Transferring your Chase points into British Airways miles allows you to grab short flights almost anywhere you travel by using your miles on British Airways itself, or their numerous partners including American, Cathay Pacific, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Qantas, Qatar and more. You simply book via British Airways using your Chase points…

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32K- 70K Points One way First Class Suites To Europe, Asia Or Within Asia

Transfer Partner: Singapore Airlines Kris Flyer Ever dream that your economy seat could turn into a bed? If you turn Chase points into Singapore Krisflyer miles you should dream bigger. Singapore Airlines offers First Class Suites, which can convert into fully private, enclosed suites with all the high end champagne (vintage Dom Perignon), fine dining and major perks you can imagine, and yes, a wide, fully flat bed. Those traveling together can even have their suites adjoined creating a private double bed in the sky! Flights within Asia start at just 32,000, with longer flights between the US, Europe and Asia in the 57,000 to 70,000 point range.

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60K Points First Class Round Trip To Hawaii

Transfer Partner: Korean Airlines Skypass Everyone wants to go to Hawaii and I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to go in First Class, especially when they can do it virtually for free. Again, to be clear, Korean Airlines does not fly between the US and Hawaii, but you can use their miles on their partners Delta and Hawaiian Airlines to lock in a First Class experience to the beach paradise, just 60,000 miles round trip from anywhere in the US. Simply transfer your Chase points into Korean Airlines miles, find space on Delta by searching online and then call Korean Airlines to book.

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