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It like… reduces jet lag and stuff.

Hong Kong Airlines is the new kid on the block for U.S. – Asia flights. And like most new kids on the block looking to make a bold first impression, the airline is exclusively flying state of the art Airbus A350 planes, with jet lag reducing passenger benefits. These are the kind of planes you’ll notice a difference, especially on the 15 hour flight to Hong Kong! Best of all, they’re offering $386 round trip prices, with direct flights from the West Coast!

a city skyline with many lightsThe Deals

Hong Kong Airlines offers direct flights from both San Francisco and Los Angeles to Hong Kong. Both flights use brand new Airbus A350’s. San Francisco and LA are extremely easy to reach from most West Coast cities using points or cheap flights to position for this smashing deal, which can be totally worthwhile given the savings. And at the end of the day, you’re going to Hong Kong, one of the coolest cities on earth, where you can find cheap Michelin starred dumplings, and have custom made suits finished in mere hours. It’s electric.

The Dates

These deals are available in September, October and November of 2018. It’s possible you’ll find other dates, but this is when we found the most availability at these stunning prices. In fact, it’s more expensive to fly to Chicago most of the time. Who knew Hong Kong was a great place to save?

How To Book

For the best customer service experience we recommend booking direct with Hong Kong Airlines. We’ve made easy to use Google Flights links, taking you directly to the best deals from both LA and SF. Here are the best prices from Los Angeles, and the best from San Francisco. If you’re struggling to get prices, don’t forget this essential Google Flights trick. With direct flights, this could make an amazing long weekend trip. Here’s what makes the Airbus A350 cool, in case you want to nerd out before the trip!


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