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Is it possible to fall in love with an airport? Maybe…

Are you ready for the holidays? Whatever your level, you’re about to be one step closer. Last year commuters were forced to wipe tears away as the inaugural Heathrow Christmas bears advert won hearts and minds all around the world. To put it lightly, the video was a stroke of emotional genius, and if it doesn’t bring a happy tear to your face, there’s probably something wrong with you. This year the airport from Love Actually is back with yet another smash hit. There’s just nothing like coming home…

Heathrow’s bears have done it again. The new Heathrow ad brilliantly picks up where last years left off, with a feeling of immense nostalgia and of course, a desire to travel. If Paul Young was in need of an uptick in sales of “Every Time You Go Away“, that should definitely be taken care of. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales approaching, the next few weeks will be one of the best times of year to book travel, wherever you travel, so watch the Heathrow ad a few more times for inspiration and get to planning. Here’s what to expect from the upcoming sales.

Every time you go away, you pick up something new, but there’s nothing like being home for the holidays. Read up on the best places to travel this autumn and winter, how to actually score flight upgrades and how to get the best flight deals and then follow the bears.

Which #HeathrowBears ad wins, last year or this year?

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