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Hawaii’s road to reopening has been an interesting ride. They opened to vaccinated visitors with proof of testing, but shortly thereafter asked people not to come, while remaining open.

For islands with limited intensive car beds, its been an understandable journey, but one which at times made visitors who did spend the time and effort to come visit, feel somewhat unwelcome.

Now, as the world continues its push toward reopening and health situations improve, Hawaii is upping the ante on travel, by removing most of the prohibitive restrictions that sent people looking for an easy getaway elsewhere, like Mexico.

Here’s the latest information on what’s changed, and what to expect if you plan to visit Hawaii, from anywhere.

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Hawaii Drops Most Travel Restrictions

Beginning March 26th, 2022, but not before, Hawaii will drop vaccination and testing requirements for all domestic travelers.

Yes, if you’re planning to enter Hawaii from abroad, you’d still be expected to show proof of vaccination and a negative test, in line with current US entry protocols from the White House.

From March 26th, visitors won’t be subject to quarantine and can move about the idyllic Pacific islands freely, much like the times before covid-19.

Tourism in Hawaii has remained strong despite the restrictions, but could reach new heights with these newly relaxed protocols. As more countries drop Covid-19 testing requirements, pressure builds to match, or risk losing out on the tourism rebound, which is a vital part of the Hawaiian economy.

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Masks Remain Indoors, For Now

One measure Hawaii is not rolling back — is the indoor mask mandate. Hawaii’s Governor, David Ige announced the changes to the travel program but noted that masks will remain for the time being.

Even the most risk averse cities in America began rolling back indoor mask and vaccination requirements in recent weeks, including Los Angeles. Much of Europe is going in the same direction, which gives some hope that Hawaii will reassess at some point in the near future.

For now, the lack of forms, tests and protocols to enter is a major step change, and one which should see a meaningful push in tourism numbers ahead of key seasons.

You can read all the latest on the changes from Hawaii here.

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    1. Careful – was there for two weeks in December and there’s a definite “end the occupation” movement one will come across, with a nod to the Apology Bill in 1983 and a need for subsequent action.

  1. Talk about a place that didn’t ‘follow the science’

    They thought vaccinations stopped people spreading covid.

    They thought masks stopped transmission.

    What a bunch of misinformation for 2+ years.

  2. Hi there, if we fly from LHR to LAX for 4 nights and then to HNL will we need a test or is this then, domestic travel?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Matt, at this point you’d be considered a domestic arrival, since you would’ve tested to enter the USA and would then be traveling on a domestic flight. Hope that helps.

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