Attention please: From here forth, all articles will feature a cover image along these lines.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

I started this blog out of sheer passion. I write everyday with sheer passion and many of you have expressed that this genuine excitement and perspective is a reason you frequent the blog, and a reason it has become the success that it has. We have many millions of annual users and for each and every one of you who care about my thoughts, deals, points insights and otherwise, I’m truly grateful.

Kind of like hearing “hey, play Free Bird”, my passion for points comes and goes. They’ve brought me everything I have and I still play the game on a daily basis with great interest, but my desire to write the content day in and day out that is most helpful to you has suffered a bit. I’m just being honest. But I’m now proud to say someone will be bringing more points content to GSTP than ever before.

Throughout the years there’s been one person I’ve admired at an extremely high level, who’s graced the pages of many of your favorite top blogs and contributed truly exceptional, actionable high quality content with nothing less than expert precision. His name is Spencer Howard, and he’s now a partner at God Save The Points. Getting him was never going to be a money per word for a few odd articles style negotiation. He’s the guy who started “award alerts” which let people know when there’s great availability and we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves.

I wanted someone who had as much of a reason to fight for this blog and it’s readers as I do and Spencer is going to give you everything my heart no longer can. As a partner, he has a long term interest in the success of the blog and therefore the travel satisfaction of its readers. You won’t be getting less of me, just a lot more of him too. He’s going to create the very best “how to” guides for using points, demystify true credit card magic, illustrate real sweet spots to use your miles, do great flight reviews and occasionally we’ll let him loose to rant.

So what’s changing? Only good things. Truly. You’re just getting more. I LOVE helping people find great flight deals, how to maximize their time in a city and how to avoid tourist mistakes, like trying to order an Uber in Bangkok as some blogs would have you do. I am going to continue to hone in on actionable fare deals, tech, travel trends and useful lifestyle content and Spencer is going to wow you on a daily basis with the information that sets your points nerds pants on fire.

Please take this opportunity to welcome this tall handsome lumberjack, Spencer Howard of Washington DC to the team. If my feeling is right, you’re going to enjoy his content more than mine. I can promise you this: he didn’t apply. I’ve chased him for years. He’s that good. No pressure, Spencer…

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