Hello, quarantined people of the world.

First, thank you for continuing to read my little blog.  I’m trying to deliver things I think are worth knowing, not sweating the small stuff and it’s been fun to see how people are reacting to new ideas and concepts as we move ahead in a reinvented world.

If I could take a moment to highlight a few articles I think you should read, I’d suggest this one predicting future travel trends, and this one about how classism is coming back to travel in a big way. Anyway…

Speaking of reinvention, I wanted to talk to you about a few things we have going on this year, which aim to “enhance” your GSTP readership experience. For starters, we’ll be introducing a pay wall on our content. JK, that sh*t is so annoying, unless it’s like the New York Times and even then it’s like…ugh.

And no, I won’t be launching any 24 hour blackouts to tell you GSTP is irreplaceable and you should donate and receive nothing in return either.

Unlike the travel definition of enhance, I really hope we can actually make your experience engaging with GSTP more enjoyable and enhanced over the coming months. In a time where bloggers are making pretty much nada, we’re going to change the way you surf, with a brand new, mobile first website.

To the best of my knowledge, GSTP was the first travel blog to have a theme like this, and I’ve been amused to find (this exact theme down to the font) on quite a few blogs since, and with any hope we’ll find something new that will “inspire” others.

If you’d be so kind, I’d genuinely appreciate your feedback on what frustrates you, or makes you happy with the current design, so we can tackle this task together. There’s no wrong answer. Feel free to email mailbag @ this website dot com if comments section isn’t preferred.

And don’t forget to tell them about the podcasts!

Ah yes, the podcasts you ask! We’ll be introducing not one, not two, but three podcasts this year at a minimum. I can assure you, none of them have a thing to do with points. They won’t be weekly, they’ll be released in series, like Netflix, and I’m thrilled to unveil two of the series.

Series One: Travel Perspective

This series will lift the lid on travel through a variety of perspectives, from superstar DJ’s to pilots, family travels and more. Each episode tackles the interesting things around that viewpoint, with tips and lots of banter. We started recording last week and I have some amazing guests from the world of sport, music, flying, fashion, education and more.

Series Two: 48 Hours In

Our 48 hour guides have always been one of the things that give me pride on GSTP. They’re a huge pain in the ass to make, make virtually no money, but are 100% tried and tested glorious guides to the world’s most captivating places. If something is on there, it’s been personally tested and is worth knowing. We’ll feature friends and hosts from around each destination to break down these guides further in audio format, which is rad.

The rest? I could tell you, but then I wouldn’t be able to drain another page view out of you later in the future. Please, please do take time to let me know what you’d like to see from a new design, or any frustrations or things that can be done better. A successful build is all about how it works for you, not me.

Thanks for being here, I value your time. Stay safe!

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