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Greece is making summer travel planning easy, at least given the times.

If you’ve been vaccinated, have antibodies or can provide a negative covid-19 test before travel, you’ll be able to visit this jewel of the Mediterranean, and perennial summer travel favorite for visitors all around the world from May 14th.

“We will open on May 14th, and we will open safely, despite the danger. Our country’s plan for the opening of tourism is comprehensive. It is an extremely detailed, balanced plan and allows safe tourism throughout the country.”

Harry Theoharis, Tourism Minister, Greece

Harry Theoharis, the Greek Tourism Minister confirmed the news after encouraging reports just a month ago, and that dream date is now fast approaching.Here’s what you’ll need to enjoy your 2021 Greek vacation, and what the country is doing to keep everyone safe despite the obvious challenges.

Greece Opening For Summer Travel!

Greece is piloting travel with a few regional countries already, but will open widely to all visitors, from all over the world on May 14th, 2021, gearing up for a full on summer season, according to Greek Tourism Minister Hari Theoharis.

As GSTP previously reported in January, Greece always planned to open for summer 2021, and sees pre-flight testing, vaccination, and better data sharing in combination with rapid testing as the keys to safely unlocking the lucrative travel industry.

In attractive news for potential visitors, the bones of the plan are relatively straight forward and won’t require being vaccinated to join the fun. Options are twofold for entry eligibility into Greece, and include proof of vaccination or a recent negative covid-19 PCR test.

That means Brits, Americans and other groups wary of being left out after the last ‘Summertime Sadness’ should absolutely be able to enjoy Athens, Santorini, Milos, Mykonos, Kos or any of the fabulous islands on offer this summer.

Though travel isn’t likely to be as quiet as last year’s record lows, this still may be one of the best years to visit, with many travelers still opting out and cruise ships still at a standstill.

a white building with a blue dome and a blue roof

At this point, the exact specifics, such as whether rapid tests, or only PCR tests will be allowed remains unclear, but final details are expected soon. We’re just over a month away from a planned opening, so further announcements should begin to roll, now that last month’s optimistic opening news has been reaffirmed this week.

Greece is also pushing hard for covid-19 vaccination passports, to help streamline future document checking with greater security for all involved. Singapore just began a trial of the much touted IATA Travel Pass in hopes of pioneering ‘tamper proof’ testing and vaccination to open up travel.

Airlines and countries are rapidly working on solutions which protect data but secure vaccination certificates to ease border security woes. British Airways recently launched a partnership to provide affordable travel testing solutions which can be taken abroad; with the results delivered from your own hotel room, taking the effort out of testing for a return trip.

Travel throughout the pandemic has proven that anywhere with an open sign will see visitors, and as a favored destination of Americans, Europeans, Brits, visitors from the Middle East and beyond, there’s no doubt it’ll climb the trending destination ladder.

Expect to see more and more flights added from gateways across Europe, the USA and the world on the news. If you’re looking for the closest thing to a guaranteed summer break, Greece isn’t mincing words. You’re invited, so long as you tick one of the boxes!

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  1. Like last year, unfortunately as an American, this might be another instance of premature embarkation.

  2. I love that Greece is opening up. I read elsewhere that there’s still quarantine of 3 days. Is that right? Or am I just having a case of information overload, and getting confused? 😀

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