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The frustrating thing about airline miles is that you hardly ever seem to have the exact amount you need. Airlines have caught on to this phenomenon – and as a way to make money without flying planes, they now occasionally sell points at great rates. One of the best points sales of the year has returned, allowing you to score Iberia or British Airways Avios for just 1.1 cents a piece – or less!

a white airplane in the skyThe Deal

Iberia is running another Groupon promotion. Iberia Avios can be instantly converted into British Airways Avios if you follow this advice. In the deal, you can score between 2,000 and 34,000 points, with some deals even less than 1 cent per point, if purchasing in Pounds or Euros. The 2,000 points for €19 sells out FAST. Our favorite option is 8,000 points for €99, which is £88. The 15,000 or 34,000 point offers are also excellent. But you can take things further for greater savings! You do NOT need to be in Spain to take advantage of these offers.

Additional Discounts

If you don’t already have a Groupon Spain account, code VIVEGRPN will score you 25% off your purchase for further savings. You may be able to score even better deals using the tricks below, but they don’t always work. The Iberia e-store is offering 10 Avios per Euro spent at Groupon. By clicking from this page, you could theoretically score an additional 999 Avios on a €99 purchase. Our friends Jarvis Marcos says codes ZCXWAWJJ and M4LMGL8M could score an additional 20% off, even for existing users. Buy the points here.

a bed with pillows and a purse on itFurther Details

You must link your Iberia and British Airways accounts to transfer your Avios from Groupon to Iberia to British Airways. We have a guide for that, here. It can take up to 10 days to receive your Avios voucher from Groupon, so if you need points right this minute – you may be out of luck. This is as low as we ever see points legally sold, and this presents a fantastic opportunity for arbitrage. We value British Airways Avios at 1.4 cents a piece, so buying them for less is fantastic.

Maximize Your Points

British Airways and Iberia Avios have a few fantastic values. Iberia offers some of the lowest rates for business class between the US and Europe, or Europe and South Africa. British Airways offers great value for cabin upgrades and for short haul flights within most of the world. Flights start at just 4,500 points one way – which can represent a savings of hundreds.

Are you a buyer at this price? We are.

Thanks to Fred Hunt for sharing this deal!

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  1. I keep getting error msg: Please check your billing address and the content of the order before finalizing your purchase. is there a way to correct this?

  2. Yeah, but If I’d actuallly have to fly on BA to use the points, I’ll pass! Worst business class seating in aviation!

    1. I’ve never used a single Avios for BA… But they’re really useful for Japanese and US domestic flights.

  3. Same as previous.. error message when processing billing. Groupon address set to Spain already. Any clue?

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