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You know those games where you have cups, and there’s an object inside one of the cups- and you’ve gotta follow the cup with the object? We’re going to do the same thing with points, but instead of a high five- if you get it right, you get to fly flat bed business class across the Atlantic ocean in either direction for just 49,000 points round trip.

a city with a castle in the backgroundTake Advantage Of Amex 40% Bonus To Iberia Or British Airways.

Picture two cups. Cup A is your starting point, and that’s American Express. Cup B is Iberia and that’s the finish line- where you’ll book your business class delights. Right now the business class seat is in Cup A. Until September 17th, you get a 40% transfer when you move your points from Cup A to Cup B. To do so, you’ll need a (free) Iberia Plus account, which you can create here.

a row of seats in an airplane40% Bonus Moving From Amex To British Airways Or Iberia.

Until September 17th, 2017 U.S. Amex cardmembers receive a 40% bonus on transferring points from American Express Membership Rewards to British Airways Executive Club or Iberia Plus. By transferring 49,000 Amex Points, you’ll end up with 68,000 British Airways Avios or Iberia miles. 68,000 miles is exactly how many you need to book a round trip business class ticket with Iberia, so we suggest transferring your points to Iberia Plus. Fantastic stuff.

a large airplane on a runwayRoutes You Can Fly…

68,000 points just so happens to be the exact amount Iberia charges for round trip business class between Madrid or Barcelona and New York, Boston, Chicago and San Juan Puerto Rico. You can start in either direction, and you can also book a one way, if that’s all you need. Taxes and fees are also far less than British Airways charges- meaning a round trip will cost roughly $235 in cash, versus far more points and cash with British Airways.

a city with red roofs and a body of waterIt’s Really, Really That Easy. But One Thing…

The below paragraph is irrelevant if you transfer directly from Amex to Iberia Plus. If you’re transferring your points to Iberia Plus, you can skip this.

We’ve been warning people about this for six months, so no excuses. Before you can transfer points between your ‘British Airways Avios’ and ‘Iberia Avios’ accounts (1:1 ratio), you’ll need to “activate” your Iberia account. To do so, your account needs to be open for at least 90 days, and needs to earn at least a point. Fear not, 1,000 Amex points can be transferred into Iberia instantly, meaning you just have to wait 90 days, assuming you open an account today. If your account has been open for 90 days or more, you’re all set. 49,000 point business class is yours.


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How To Book This And Jet Off In Style…

Iberia charges 68,000 points round trip off peak, which is more than half the calendar year. Simply login to your Iberia Plus account and search for seats using Avios, by pressing “pay with Avios” on the main homepage search button. Availability can be very good, making this a very realistic and amazing way to fly in style for less points and bucks!

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  1. Just a heads up — transfers to BA are immediate, but transfers to Iberia take a day or two. That said, transfers *from* BA to Iberia are immediate.

    1. Hey Tony, the post was published last week- but the mailing list only goes out once a week. I highly suggest checking back to the site daily to keep up with new articles so you can get timely opportunities. Cheers.

  2. Gilbert – Just one comment….about the ninety days…neither myself or my wife had our Iberia accounts open 90 days, and the Amex points transferred easily. It might be a fluke??

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