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Yep, you heard right. Even though Airbnb doesn’t have a loyalty program specifically, or offer points directly on bookings, you can still double dip on points earnings when you book.

You obviously can earn credit card points for the purchase, but if you’re clever, you can also earn airline miles with a variety of leading airlines on top. On huge purchases, the miles balances can soar. And right now that’s easier than usual.

There’s a 50% bonus on British airways Avios earned when you book Airbnb’s, so here’s how to bag a boat load of airline miles on your next Airbnb booking, just for making an intelligent click.

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Don’t Sleep On E-Stores

Airline e-stores are one of the most underestimated and overlooked things in the points game. People think they know, or assume there’s some catch, but the reality is that it’s basically extra miles for one extra click.

You get the same price on the Airbnb booking, you just pad your Avios balance at the same time by clicking over to Airbnb from British Airways, rather than just going to the Airbnb site.

The internet is about commerce, and when BA gets rewarded for the sale, they reward you with Avios. Simple enough, right?

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BA First Class. Business class fares can be upgraded to First, using Avios.

50% Bonus On Avios Booking Airbnb

If you navigate to the British Airways e-store, you’ll see some themed celebration offers to honor the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

If you don’t like in the UK, that’s a very formal way of saying that the Queen has been the Queen for a very long time, and the UK is throwing a very big party this week to celebrate, in her honor. Wherever you are, you can benefit.

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To get in on the 50% bonus, which allows all bookers to earn 3 Avios per dollar, euro or pound spent, you need to navigate here first, to the linking page. Here you enter your BA account number, and then you’ll be directed back to Airbnb, but with a little pop up showing that you’ll earn 3 Avios per $/€/£ spent.

I love Airbnb’s for month long stays, and sometimes that means significant spending. At 3 Avios per dollar, I’m earning more than enough for an upgrade or “free flight” on one booking alone!

In the opinion of GSTP, this is such an easy way to earn Avios from purchases you’re already making, you’d be crazy to miss out on effectively earning Avios for a single tap and click.

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  2. This is a good tip as the ability to earn Avios on AirBnB does not show up on cashbackmonitor.com for whatever reason

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