These Google Maps lists are the gift that keeps on giving…

If you’re a good friend, and we’re going to go ahead and assume that anyone wise enough to read this is one to at least someone: there’s no greater thrill than sharing your travel expertise with others. Perhaps it was that bar that was just perfect, or the one vintage clothing spot that topped them all, or maybe an iconic restaurant you know they’ll adore. There’s an extremely overlooked way of organizing trips and destination tips for friends, and it really couldn’t be easier. It’s hidden in plain sight, right in Google Maps.

a city at night with lightsSaved Places

If you’re logged in while in Google Maps on desktop or mobile, you’ll find “Your Places” in the menu bar. When you click this, you can then visit “Saved Places”. If you don’t yet have any, you can press the “+” button to make a brand new list, like “Gilbert’s Favorite NYC Spots”. From there, all you do is enter the name of a place you want to add to the list, and it’ll get dropped right into place. With a single tap, you’ll be able to share the entire list, in map view, or list view with friends all over the world! Here’s how it goes…

a map of a city

Yep, just find the left hand menu tab at the top (above) and you’ll get this menu below.a screenshot of a phone

Now we’re going to lock in “Your Places”, which brings up all the places you’ve saved, all in one place. Imagine that!

a screenshot of a phone

As you can see above, you can save as many lists as you like. They could be lists of great gardens, bars, clothing shops, video game stores, or whatever else makes you happy.

a screenshot of a social media account

By pressing the “+” button (two screens above), you’re able to create a new Google Maps list. Simply fill it with whatever you like. We love making complete city guides, with the best food, bars, shops, districts, streets and pretty viewpoints…a screenshot of a social media post

When your Google Maps list is done, it can be viewed easily as a drop down list with helpful info like opening hours, price range and other handy info, or as a map, like you’ll find just below. Simply click any of the dots on the map to pick a spot. This is great for organizing a day of movement.  You can instantly share on Twitter, Facebook, Email, Text, Instagram and more…

a screenshot of a map

A Few To Get You Started

We’d hate to see you leave here without feeling special or without insider knowledge. Since the best way to convince someone of anything is always just to show them, here are a few of our Google Maps lists to help get you started. As soon as you click Madrid, New York or Washington DC, you’ll see just how easy it is to send recommendations to anyone on earth, with just a single click. There’s something very smug and satisfying when people ask “any New York tips?”, and you just hit a single button and show them all the best…

Have you used this cool feature to share travel tips?

Featured image courtesy of Dandelyan at the Mondrian, London.

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