Well, that’s handy…

Project Fi is the incredible under the radar phone service offered by Google, which makes you a local in over 140 countries. Wherever you land, your data works just as if you’re at home, with no need to change sim cards or make any calls to set things up. It just works. Paired with the Google Pixel phone, it’s fast become a travelers best friend, and now regardless of which phone you use on the system, Google has an exciting new feature, which keeps you safe at all times. At least as far as your messaging and browsing goes…

What’s A VPN?

A VPN, or “virtual private network” is an added layer of data security, which encrypts everything you do on your electronic devices, like your phone. It can also be a handy way to watch Netflix and other shows while visiting foreign countries, but thats’ another story for another day. Project Fi previously encrypted your information when it automatically connected to available working wifi networks, but it will now encrypt all data, including cellular connections. Basically, your networks *should* already be secured, but just in case, Google has a new layer of encryption. This ensures your text, browsing and photos stay private, anywhere in the world where your phone works.

How It Works

According to ARS Technica, the feature is currently in “beta” but available to all Google Project Fi subscribers in their Project Fi settings. Simply open the Project Fi app on your phone and look for “Enhanced Network”. Once you flip the switch into the “on” position, you’ll always be connected to a VPN, for free. No need for any other apps or services

More Upgrades

In addition to the handy security features, the new Project Fi update, which is rolling out as you read will also improve the speed of switching networks. Google claims that the upgraded Project Fi service improved its ability to detect when a WiFi or cellular network is no longer transmitting properly and has improved the “switch” time, the time in which the phone automatically switches to a usable network by 40%. That’s no small feat. No one likes when Skype chats drop! Nice one, Google…

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