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A privacy door and a bed makes a big difference when you’re flying for 20 hours in each direction. You might not even want to leave…

Few routes in the world are more precious than those between Europe and Australia. Everyone wants to go, no one wants to go in an uncomfortable seat and deals just aren’t all that common. For the first time in far too long, Qatar Airways has dropped the price on the comfiest way to get to Australia, with business class, including Qsuites on many flights from £1800 ($2300) round trip. If that sounds like heaven, and you need to get to Perth, Melbourne or Canberra, grab these deals while they last, which usually is NOT long…

a row of colorful beach hutsThe Flight Deals To Australia

Qatar has super hot fares from Scandinavia to Australian cities, with the best deals to Canberra, Perth or Melbourne. These deals put you in prime position to explore virtually any Eastern or Western Oz destination, with just a short hop. If you want to spend a bit more, Sydney is up for grabs too. Here’s a review of the Qatar Qsuite experience.

The best deals: £1850 ($2300) Oslo to Perth via Doha, £1850 ($2300) Stockholm to Canberra via Doha and Sydney (just a short stop in Sydney) is the best deal, followed closely by £1950 ($245) Oslo to Melbourne, with just one stop in Doha.

a seat and window in an airplaneThe Dates You Can Travel

We found lots of available dates in 2020, particularly in the months of February, March, April and May. You’ll need to stay at least a week in Australia to lock in the lowest prices, but that shouldn’t be too hard for most people. Long stays are totally fine.

Stockholm to Canberra: limited dates in late November and early December 2019 and then wide open in February, March, April and May.

Oslo to Perth: limited dates in late November and early December 2019 and then wide open in February, March, April and May.

Oslo to Melbourne: wide open in mid/late November 2019 and then February, March, April and May of 2020.

sydney australia the butlerHow To Book These Amazing Deals

If you choose flights with an A380, you’ll end up without Qsuites, but with the addition of an incredible business class bar. If you end up on flights to Australia operated by the Airbus A350 or Boeing 777, you’ll have Qsuites with privacy doors on the longest flights of the trip. The A350, which flies in 2020 also offers an improved cabin environment with lower noise levels, better air pressure and more.

a screenshot of a flight scheduleThese offers will price out in the low 20,000 SEK or NOK, so simply do a Google search of NOK/SEK to GBP or your local currency to confirm you’re getting the lowest prices. Because Google Flights price info for these flights is inaccurate, the easiest way to book is directly with QatarAirways.com.

You can enter your search based on the date info above, and then press more dates to look for options around 10,000-11,000 SEK/NOK each way. On the A380, who knows, you may end up getting upgraded to First Class. It happens pretty often…

Book with Qatar Airways here.

Now that you’re booked, here’s how to have the best time in Sydney, the perfect guide to Melbourne and why you might want to add a Brisbane side trip too. Nerd out!

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  1. Can these Europe flights with Qatar depart from Australia return ?
    I note these are all listed as departing in Europ

  2. GSTP – Thanks for posting this. While we live in the US, I saw of these dates line up for her B-Day next year. Quick question as I haven’t used the benefit yet, would US’s AMEX Biz Platinum IAP program be able to get these flights reduced even further? Just curious…. will look into it.

    thanks again.

    1. Hey Ceded, sorry I’m just seeing this now. Not as up to date with comments as I once was. Unfortunately that benefit only really applies to EX US, so it wouldn’t. Hope you were able to grab some tickets and enjoy. Truly no better way to get there in business. I’m a booker too!

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