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When you sign up for a competitive credit card you can be looking at a bonus around 50,000 points. Did you know that If used correctly one single bonus is worth more than $3,000? That is serious change! Don’t settle for less by using your points foolishly! I remember years ago a friend telling me that they received an iPad as a sign up bonus and I thought it was too good to be true. Not only was it true, it was a bad use of points. He could have gotten so much more for his points!

a man sleeping in a bed

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To unlock full benefit from your bonus points use them for a high value travel purchase. Do you know how much a business class ticket costs from the US to Europe round trip? You know… the ones where the people look really comfy drinking champagne and then fall asleep on a flat bed? They are expensive! I just searched for a flight from Boston to Dublin round trip in business class and it priced out to over $3,500! Yikes! If you were to use a single sign up bonus of 50,000 points from American Express or Chase you could grab that ticket for free. Want to stay in the U.S.? You could get FIVE round trip tickets in the U.S. with that single bonus. You could fly the whole family for Christmas! 

I recently used my American Express 40,000 Membership Reward bonus to book two flights worth over a total of $4,000!

Flight One:  Virgin Upper Class ticket using only 30,000 Amex miles through their transfer to Virgin Atlantic Bonus so I got 40,000 Virgin Atlantic Miles (enough for a one way First Class) for 30,000 points.

Flight Two: I transferred my remaining 10,000 points to British Airways who are partners of American and US Airways. Using British Airways miles I grabbed a round trip flight in the US for 9,000 miles. A real value!

GodSaveThePoints is dedicated to MAXIMIZING your points in the simplest ways possible. Read The Beginners Guide to figure out the best practices, companies and uses for your miles and follow the Points & Travel Blog for hands on examples, reviews and news related to points and travel. 

Need help or have points questions? I will be happy to answer anything!  

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