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Airbnb CEO Brandon Chesky is too excited about the prospect to keep his Twitter fingers at bay: Airbnb is exploring a loyalty program. We’ve held off on this piece for a while, despite numerous rumors, but it’s time to start shouting, because Airbnb isn’t exactly being subtle anymore. Unlike other loyalty programs which will remain nameless, it appears Airbnb is listening to customers first – and has imminent plans to launch guest perks.

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Teasing would be the most appropriate word to introduce Airbnb’s forthcoming loyalty program. Chesky has toyed with the idea for years, but has recently taken to the internet for public feedback. The question for users is simple: what would you want out of an Airbnb loyalty program? If you’d like to know what people of the internet came up with, this thread is a must read.


A few neat ideas thrown around for members include: priority availability, waived minimum night requirements, complimentary local gym access, instant book access and of course, free nights after a number of stays. Other clever thoughts included syncing guests digital playlist services such as Spotify, Netflix with equipped properties, making everything feel just like home from arrival.

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Airbnb just recently introduced an option to pay for stays over time. This instant game changer gives travelers flexibility to control their finances, which hotels have not caught onto. Guests can also split payment amongst friends, as well. A loyalty program, however basic would bring fierce competition to the hotel world. As guests begin to branch out and discover digs in more unique parts of any location, travel moves to exciting new heights. Keep an eye out for Airbnb perks. We think they’re coming soon!

What would you want to see from an Airbnb loyalty program?

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  1. I would say I like their points that is transferable to airline program, with a cashback option (similar to Amex Membership). Currently, I earn Skymiles for my booking and they are not the most valuable miles in the community.

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