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Like any significant purchase – sticker prices can be very, very scary. Though there are many steps travelers can undertake to make travel nearly free, some things just aren’t. Even Airbnb’s incredible $150 a night or less places can really add up. When you’ve found the perfect Airbnb, you don’t want to lose it, but sometimes for a variety of reasons – you’re not quite ready to pay for all of it. Maybe you want to split it with friends, or work it out over time. Unlike hotels – now you actually can.

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An Airbnb in Tokyo.

Payment Options

Airbnb today introduced “Pay Less Up Front”. The feature allows Airbnb users to pay just 50% of the total up front, paying the remaining balance closer to the date of stay. Stays must take place more than 14 days in the future to use this service. Airbnb users could previously split costs amongst friends with ease – and they still can. Now users can both pay over time and split costs.

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An Airbnb in Cape Town.

Big Moves

This is a very customer friendly move, allowing more travelers to safely budget and manage their travel expenses. Large up front costs can be prohibitive. This move, in conjunction with splitting costs between other Airbnb users makes the rental experience more social and more affordable than ever.

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An Airbnb In Bali.

How To Use It

Simply find an Airbnb, get to the booking page and you will find an option to Pay Less Up Front. You’ll have the option to pay 50% of the total up front, and the remaining portion at a later date. You’ll receive an email 3 days before your final payment is taken from the card on file. Airbnb says it may even tempt users into booking swankier places. Why not – right?

Will you take advantage of this new payment option?

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