U.S. Amex cardmembers get the best transfer bonuses…

Limited time points bonuses mean limitless travel inspiration. When you can take one point and turn it into 1.4 points, those far fetched sounding goal posts for the best travel experiences using frequent flyer miles all the sudden don’t sound so bad. American Express is offering an extremely generous 40% bonus when you transfer your points from Amex to British Airways or Iberia, and rather than just tell you that such a bonus exists, we’ll show you why it might make perfect sense for you…

a person holding a phoneFind The 40% Bonus

All the ideas below are wonderful, but if you can’t actually find your transfer bonus, they won’t do you much good. Simply login to your U.S. based Amex account, head to transfer partners, and navigate to British Airways or Iberia. Here you should see the 40% bonus reflected. Here’s a really easy to follow transfer guide, which will help you move your points over with ease. As a matter of tact, it’s always best to find a use for your points before transferring. The Amex to British Airways and Iberia transfer bonus lasts until November 15th, 2018.

a city with many colorful signs3,200 Point Flights In Europe, Asia, Australia & Beyond

You can use British Airways Avios on partner airlines like JAL, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, American Airlines and more. In regions outside the USA, short flights under 651 actual miles require just 4,500 points. Via this fantastic bonus, they could be booked for a mere 3,200 points. If you’re looking to go from somewhere under 651 miles (find out here), it’s really hard to beat a one way flight for 3,200 Amex points, especially when said flight would be crazy expensive using cash.

the inside of a plane49,000 Point First Class Flights On British Airways

Off peak, flights between London and any destination under 4,000 miles (find out distance) are 68,000 points one way. Via the 40% bonus, you’ll need just 49,000 Amex Points and around $450-$500 for a one way flight in first class. Sure, the surcharges are no fun, but for 49,000 points it’s a great bargain way to try out British Airways First Class and experience the Concorde Room.

a white airplane in the sky49,000 Point Round Trip Business Class On Iberia

Iberia has lower surcharges and in some cases, lower points than British Airways for similar flights. Via the transfer bonus, you can lock in absurdly good value, by transferring 49,000 Amex Points over to Iberia to cover the 68,000 points needed for round trip business class between Chicago, New York or Boston and Madrid off peak. Surcharges are less than $300 round trip, so you’d have to be a real piece of work to argue with the value of transatlantic flat beds for 49,000 points and $230 or so bucks.

an airplane with a bed and a desk11,000 Point Business Class On Cathay A350 Or JAL 787

Intra Asia business class flights can occasionally yield superb bargains, but unfortunately they’re generally fairly pricey. For flights under 1,152 miles, you’ll need just 15,000 British Airways Avios and hardly any cash outlay for a one way, and with the bonus that means you’ll need just 11,000 Amex Points. This can present wonderful value when you’re looking to open jaw, flying into one city and out of another, or doing a multi stop trip with multiple one way flights…

Which of these great opportunities are you taking advantage of?

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