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We have a rule of thumb here at God Save The Points- and it’s that if you’re going to travel halfway around the world- you better see a lot. Flying all the way to Japan or New Zealand just to take in one city is simply not enough. These are two of the best countries in the world- with topography, culture and spirit which is so diverse from city to city. Without breaking the bank, you can jet around for 12,000 points round trip, and some one way options as low as 4,500 points…

We’re Using Amex, Virgin Atlantic Or British Airways Points…

But we’re not flying on Virgin Atlantic or British Airways. Partners are the key to points. British Airways charges no taxes and just 4,500 points for short flights within Japan on Japan Airlines. Virgin Atlantic charges just 7,500 one way or 15,000 round trip in New Zealand on Air New Zealand and 15,000 round trip in Japan on ANA. But thanks to an Amex transfer bonus (if you have Amex Points) you can score even better deals.

Take 30% Off 7,500 Point Or 15,000 Point Trips

Through November 30th, for every American Express Membership Rewards Point you transfer, you’ll get 1.3 Virgin Atlantic miles. You can immediately turn around and use these points for travel on Virgin Atlantic’s partners. So- round trip anywhere within Japan would be just 12,000 points. Same for New Zealand. With New Zealand you can also do one ways, which now require a mere 6,000 points. That’s peanuts.

But Is It A Good Deal? Here’s How To Know

Cents per mile is the technical way of figuring this out. In terms of points- it’s a great deal in theory because it’s a low amount of points. The question is- can you pay less than 12,000 points worth of cash for these same flights. In other words: Can you pay $100 for a flight that would require 12,000 points? If so- you’d be better off just paying cash. But then again- points are personal and if you just want to save some money, there’s nothing wrong with that.

How To Book These Opportunities

If you’re trying to book flights under 650 miles within Japan- use British Airways miles. Just 4,500 miles will cover a one way ticket and you can search and book these flights online on the British Airways website. If you’re using Virgin points, you’ll need to find space on ANA or Air New Zealand. We suggest using the United Airlines website (and ignoring the numbers they quote). Look to see if there is “saver” space available on ANA or ANZ flights. If there is, you can call Virgin Atlantic in and book it. Here’s a hack to beat call center wait times, by the way. Before booking, remember to transfer your Amex points over to Virgin Atlantic to save 30% off. If you only have Virgin Atlantic points, rinse and repeat this advice- minus the 30% off part. Easy, effective stuff. Enjoy.

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