For most people, an exotic vacation is not an every day thing. It goes without saying that you want to see as much as possible while on your trip. Since getting around costs time and money, points are an amazing way to add in destinations, without breaking the cash or points bank. There’s a limited time opportunity to maximize your travels while minimizing your miles, thanks to a generous Amex transfer…

Amex Is Offering A 40% Bonus On Transfers To British Airways.

You care about this because turning 1 point into 1.4 points is nice, especially if you know how to use them. How should you use them you ask? On flights that are 651 miles in distance or less. This is because these flights only require 4,500 points (and no surcharges). Through this brilliant Amex promotion (U.S. cards only) this reduces the average cost per flight to 3,200 miles. To truly make this bonus work out, you need to transfer in round numbers, such as 13,000 points for 4 flights, 26,000 points for 8 flights and so forth.

By Transferring 13,000 Amex Points To British Airways You Can Take FOUR Flights, Touring Multiple Destinations…

Four flights for 13,000 points! Wow. Using this promotion, you can book four flights anywhere in the world (except U.S) that are under 651 miles and offer direct flights. You can fly on Cathay, Qantas, Japan Airlines, Iberia and countless other airlines. Want to do 5, 6, 7, or 8 flights? no problem. They’re just 3,200 Amex points a piece. Just transfer the Amex points over in one lump sum to capitalize on the transfer bonus. 

Here’s an example: You could fly Dublin to London. London to Paris. Paris to Barcelona. Barcelona to Nice. Nice to London. Lots of other European cities are possible.

Another one: This works extremely well in locations where OneWorld carriers are present, such as Japan Airlines in Japan, Qantas in Australia, Finnair in Scandinavia, Cathay in Southeast Asia and so forth.

How To Take Advantage Of This Great Deal…

This is easy. This transfer bonus is available until September 17th 2017. Simply transfer your points over to British Airways Executive Club before September 17th to have the points in place. Once they’re in place, find direct routes which British Airways or other OneWorld carriers operate, and start booking your flights! You can use the GCMap tool to compute how many miles any flight is with ease. You’re taking flights for just 3,200 Amex points per flight. If you used these towards cash with Amex you’d be getting just $32, so a flight which could cost hundreds is absolutely INCREDIBLE value. Woohoo!

If this isn’t the perfect opportunity for you: consider nesting an itinerary, finding an error fare or taking advantage of this strategy for flying business class for less.

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