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Turning something expensive into something affordable to anyone is a glorious art. Why see just one great American city when you could see a few for the change in your pocket? I consider a plane ticket that costs 4,500 frequent flier miles and $5.00 in taxes to fit into that category. If there was ever an added reason for Brits to come over to the United States, there is none better than getting incredible value out of their miles jetting around the country. 4,500 miles and some spare change at a time…

In case you follow absolutely none of my advice and know absolutely nothing, you can use British Airways miles on a range of American carriers including… intuitively, American. One of my favorite frequent flyer techniques is “Open Jawing”, which is essentially squeezing two destinations into one “round trip”. To make it to the new city I just need a one way flight to get me from the parts in between or to my home. Why just see New York when you could see Montreal too? Why just Los Angeles if you could do Vegas as well? Using British Airways Avios has changed, but they are the pinnacle of value in one category: short haul flights in the US. Any flight under 650 miles (in one direction) is only 4,500 Avios and roughly $5.00USD in taxes. Next time you book a trip to the states, consider booking something that leaves your home (City A), arrives in City B and departs back to your home from City C. You can use your hard earned Avios frequent flyer miles to get you in between. Here are some great ones…

Like Los Angeles to Vegas For 4,500 Avios and $5. It’s only 9,000 for domestic first!

New York to Toronto. Same deal! International ticket for 4,500. 9,000 for flat bed!

Trying to go from New York to Miami or Seattle to San Francisco? Don’t stress! It’s only fractionally more miles. Flights over 650 and under 1,152 in one direction only require 7,500 miles each way for coach and 15,000 for business with the same old $5.00 or so in taxes. It’s dirt cheap to turn one “US” getaway into seeing the whole country. To search availability and book your flights simply use the Avios Redemption search tool.

As Always, Get in Touch: GodSaveThePoints@gmail.com

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