Let’s be honest: first class is a celebration. Business class is for productivity and rest, but first class is about living the good life. For a limited time, you can get in on the fun too. There’s a  lucrative opportunity to experience the delights of Cathay Pacific First Class, without breaking the bank.

a seat in an airplaneWhat

Alaska Airlines has a very generous airline miles program. Even if you don’t have any miles presently, you can buy them. Cathay Pacific First Class costs $2500+ for one way flights within Asia, and generally over $5000 round trip. But thanks to Alaska’s favorable program, you can take one of these flights for just 27,500 Alaska points or buy them for just $591. Alaska also offers a credit card in the US & Canada, which comes loaded with more than enough miles to do this for free!

a city skyline with many lightsWhere

Cathay Pacific operates it’s stunning First Class on flights throughout Asia. You can consistently find it on the 5+ hour journey between Hong Kong and Tokyo, and on journeys to Beijing, Bangkok and more. You’ll undoubtedly ask if they can fly the plane around a bit longer, but it’s plenty of time to enjoy the marvelous surroundings – and bed. Of course this doesn’t even take into account the hours in the world class lounge, before the flight.

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Between now and February 7th, Alaska has their MileagePlan miles on 40% off sale. Thanks to the 40% off, you can grab this deal for just $591. There are similar amazing offers such as Asia to Europe, US or vice versa in First Class for just $1400 one way. There are many bargains to be had. You can buy miles here. Your (free) Alaska account must be open for ten days before you can book. If you don’t already have one – open one now.

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The first step is finding first class availability on Cathay Pacific. You can use the British Airways website, ExpertFlyer or AsiaMiles.com to find available seats using points. Once you’ve found seats – simply call Alaska MileagePlan and ask to book. Give them the flight numbers and you’re good to go! There are no surcharges out of many of these cities, making this deal extremely reasonable. It’s hard not to love Cathay Pacific First Class, or the vintage champagne!

Are you going to use this awesome opportunity?

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  1. Looks to be targeted – I’ve just logged in and been shown the regular cost for buying Alaska miles.

    Perhaps I’ve missed something?

  2. You need to be aware that Alaska mostly cannot see CX space that other oneworld airlines see, especially when booked in advance. It seems to be getting worse and worse. However, last minute availability seems to be fine with Alaska (though BA.com doesn’t show last minute CX availability any more). You’re better off using the QF site as Asia miles also shows extended availability.

  3. I would like to repeat the same experience as Joe mentions. Alaska just does not see the same award availability that other airlines see for Cathay flights.

    There is not a ton of availability using Alaska points on this route. But there are a few days available.

    Perhaps an even better deal is purchasing a Delta ticket. Delta has some with lie flats JFK-SEA then SEA-YVR that you can purchase for as little as $800 ($400 each way) which is less then buying the Alaska points, and it even earns a few Delta miles. As well you would have access to the Delta lounges.

    Another option which is pretty nice is the paid fare on Philippine Airlines. They offer flat seats (angle flat) on the JFK-YVR route, and their fare is often about $500-$600 each way too.

  4. Thanks for this!!

    What about other CX routes?
    I am looking for the TLV-HKG route which shows as 40k on asiamiles for business (they fly the 2 class a350).

    How many Alaska miles would that cost?

  5. https://i.imgur.com/Me5SzDk.jpg

    When I log into the purchase page, it shows the correct balance from my Alaska account, but doesn’t offer any bonus points. If I select 30,000 points, and click through to the purchase page, it still shows 30,000 points for $825 with no bonus.

  6. Which Cathay Pacific First Class Route costs $2500+ for one way flights within Asia? I’m not finding so cheap :/

  7. Has this blogger booked the routes that’s being touted about? You CANNOT book award flights with AS miles without beginning or ending your trip in USA!

  8. So Hank (& GSTP) can you not start in Bangkok and do a roundtrip to HK for 2 x 27,500 Alaska Miles ?
    (Which I don’t have but Amex MR points would do the trick).
    Can I book as far out as Dec 2018 ??

    That is a bit of a bargain.
    How much is a business class UK or EU to BKK (or thereabouts) using / buying Alaska miles ?? I know very little about Alaskan.

    Sadly in the UK we get pitiful credit card bonuses too 🙁

  9. @Hank According to Alaska Air rules you can. You can book Asia to Asia, Asia to Europe, Asia to Australia, Asia to Africa and Asia to New Zeland.

    Finding 1st class award space will be tough, more than one seat on the same flight very especially since some of those routings have no flights with first class, but if you can find it you can book it.

  10. New to flight hacking. I need to fly in the summer one way from UK > HKG (ultimate destination is TPE) Alaska says business is 42500 for us Brits. So presumably I buy those miles at $825 and I’m set – is this thinking correct?

    1. Hey Patrick, almost. London charges ridiculous taxes, so you could face up to £200 or so in surcharges. But as far as Alaska goes, $825 would sort you. You’d just need to find dates where seats using points are available. BA website can show you those. Cheers.

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