It’s the dream isn’t it? Flying around the world, stopping in iconic cities and enjoying every moment in total comfort? Today we’re going to show you exactly how to live the dream. We’re even going to take a second to show anyone starting out; what cards they would need to do this from scratch. But don’t worry, we’ll then move into the good stuff (like who you’ll fly) and finally, that last detail of how to book. Sit down, grab a cup of something pleasurable and we’ll get it done.

If You Don’t Have Any Credit Card Points, These Three Rewards Credit Cards Are Almost All You’ll Need…

The Citi Prestige Card (75K Point Bonus), The Amex Starwood Preferred Guest Card (25K+ Point Bonus) and either the Chase Sapphire Reserve (50K Point Bonus) OR the Ink Business Preferred Card (80K Point Bonus). Everything you could ever possibly want to know about getting cards, points, meeting spending requirements, annual fees, and how signing up for cards affects your credit can be found in this handy post.

You Can Start This Anywhere In The World, Staying In Each Place As Long As You Want…

The beauty of going around the world, is that it doesn’t matter where you start. Well… it doesn’t, so long as you can start in Asia, Europe or the US. This around the world trip is a series of non connected bookings, so there’s tons of flexibility with how long you’d like to stay, which direction you’ll travel, and where you’ll go in between. It’s all fun, and it’s surprisingly easy.


The U.S. To Europe (Or Vice Versa) Segment…

The Cards: Starwood Preferred Guest Card, Marriott Card, Amex Gold Or Platinum.

Points Needed: 40K SPG Points for Lufthansa First Class +$250 In Surcharges.

Link With All The Details For Booking: Lufthansa First Class Trick.

Running Points Total: 40,000.

Here we’re using Starwood’s lucrative points transfers to move points into Asiana. We’re doing this because Asiana Airlines only charges 50K points for one way in First Class between the US and Europe (in either direction) on their partner Lufthansa. When you transfer 20K Starwood points to an any airline you get a 5,000 point bonus, so 40K Starwood Points= 50k Asiana Points. You can aim for virtually any city and bop around Europe (or the US) depending on which direction you’re doing this.

The (Optional) Intra European Segment

The Cards: Citi Prestige, Chase Sapphire OR Ink Preferred, Amex Gold, Platinum.

Points Needed: 4,500 – 12,500 Points + ~$20 dependent on starting point and program.

Link With All The Details For Booking: Short Haul Rates With British Airways.

Running Points Total: 44,500.

This is an optional (but suggested) part of the trip. While in Europe, you should see as many cities as humanly possible. For any flights with a distance under 650 miles, British Airways, a partner of either chase card (mentioned above) charges just 4,500 points one way. Similarly, Etihad charges just 7,000-11,000 points on their partner Czech Airways for business class. And finally, Flying Blue (Air France & KLM) charges just 12,500 points for most European flights and those points can be made from the Citi Prestige or either Chase card. Just FYI, your final European destination needs to be Prague, because that’s where one of the best tricks originates from.

The Europe To Asia (Or Vice Versa) Segment…

The Card: Citi Prestige, Amex Gold, Platinum, Everyday Preferred.

Points Needed: 25,610 Etihad Guest Miles + ~$110.

Link With All The Details For Booking: Best Mileage Deal Between Europe and Asia.

Running Points Total: 70,110.

Here we’re leveraging Citi’s transfer partner Etihad Airways. Etihad has a relationship with Czech Airlines, and it’s a wonderful relationship indeed. For just 25,610 points one way- you can fly business class between Seoul and Prague (no other cities). This means that you can take the advice above to fly into another European city, before connecting through Europe to make your way to Prague, and onto Seoul. This is rock bottom for the amount of miles needed to fly business class on a 10+ hour flight!

The North Asia To USA (Or Vice Versa) Segment…

The Card: Chase Sapphire OR Ink Business Preferred, Amex Gold, Platinum, Everyday.

Points Needed: 62,500 Korean Airlines Miles + ~200.

Link With All The Details For Booking: How To Book Korean Airlines Awards…

Running Points Total: 132,610 (Including the optional segment).

This is a pretty straightforward use points, simply turning Chase or Amex points into Korean Airlines miles, to take advantage of their solid rates in business class. You can depart anywhere in Northern Asia (just in case you ventured elsewhere after landing in Seoul), for just 62,500 points one way. This will land you anywhere in the US that Korean flies, completing your around the world adventure.

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