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How much is laziness worth to you?

Flight deals are all the rage, thanks to record breaking airline competition bring record low fares. There’s nothing quite like bagging a $600 round trip deal from the US to Australia in business class, or a $200 round trip flight from Europe to the US – and these things happen all the time. A couple sites like Jacks Flight Club and Scotts Cheap Flights have set out to monetize this craze which leaves the big question – are they worth your money?

Case For No

The free version? Go for it, there’s no harm. Paid version? If you’re reading this, you’re likely an engaged enough traveler for this to be an open and shut NO. These sites are not using any tools that you do not have access to for free, and frankly they get some of their deals from sites like ours and others too (which are also free). Basically: any deal on their sites will be found all over the internet or directly in your inbox the same day. SO why pay? That’s not to say they aren’t very good deal hunters or nice gents (we’re sure they are), but there are no secrets on the internet. They aren’t doing anything which isn’t already offered for free, with one potentially possible, minor exception.

Case For Yes

There is a very thin case for yes, but we’ll play along. It’s the personalization. We share amazing flight deals every day from all over the world, and so does at least a dozen other top sites. Some, like SecretFlying send location specific deals too- but for free. Jack’s and Scott’s send location and cabin specific deals which are *perhaps* slightly more personalized to users. Basically, if you are too lazy to make two clicks on the internet to browse free resources and see the same deals, this style of service could *theoretically* be worth it. It just depends how much your laziness is worth to you.

Cannot Have

People always want what they cannot have. Creating sites with names such as Club, Secret or anything else that makes someone feel as if they are on the outside looking in is guaranteed free marketing. FOMO is a thing, you know. But don’t be fooled. Using intelligence feigning words like “scouring Matrix” really just means looking on a clunkier version of Google Flights. If you really want cheap flights, just follow this single piece of advice. You’ll always get the best prices.

What do you think of these new flight deal services?


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