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The only question is, which one?

Do you hate Mondays? You may soon come to love them. Virgin Atlantic and Delta have expanded on the sale we uncovered yesterday, adding super flash business class sales to Washington DC and Chicago, both under £1000 all in, round trip! You can fly either airline, enjoying the splendor of the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in London, and of course, flat beds in the air. These deals will fly by almost as quickly as your time in the air, so get em’ while they’re hot…

Friday Update: These deals are now gone. If you heard about them and thought “oh, I’ll check later” – you failed. Deals this good last hours, not days. Here’s how to never miss another flight deal again.

a woman lying in a bedThe deals

Virgin Atlantic and Delta are in full on “Joint Venture” mode, offering £995 round trip business class on either airline from London to Chicago or Washington DC. Both cities offer so much to do, and we’ve even got handy guides for how to maximize your time in either destination. Here’s the Chicago version, and here’s Washington D.C., or as most people call it, “DC” version. For direct travel from London, the deals just don’t get much better!

a city by the waterThe Dates

Remember that random comment about Mondays before? That’s because these deals are wide open for travel departing on Mondays. Leave any other day of the week, and you’ll pay like 3x the price, but leave on manic Monday, and you can turn your wallets frown upside down. These deals are available from September 2018 thru early March 2019, for Monday departures only. Surprisingly, there’s no minimum stay required!

a tall monument and a buildingHow To Book

Easy! You can book directly with Virgin Atlantic here, by entering LHR to either ORD for Chicago or IAD for Washington. Handy tip: the lowest fares won’t necessarily be at the top, so scroll through the list of flights. You’ll also now likely end up flying at least half the time on Delta metal (planes), but you can still earn Virgin Miles for those flights. If you need help finding dates, or prefer Delta, here’s a link to the business class deals in to Washington DC, and to Chicago. Now get booking! These superb deals will be gone soon. All these flights offer free 24 hour risk free cancellation, so if you can’t make them work, you can cancel within 24 hours of booking for a full refund. If you want in, don’t hesitate. Who doesn’t love flying business class for less than many people pay for premium or even economy?!

Are you jetting off to the US of A in business class?

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    1. Nope 😣, but at these prices worth using miles to get one way to London to start them off if you’re making multiple trips.

  1. Why does the European side of the pond get all the deals on business class, and we here in the US seems to mainly get deals on coach?

    I have tried to read on this a lot, and I am not really sure if it falls into a no-no area with the airlines.
    Lets say I live in the US and want to take advantage of these fares, can I book a UK/EU-US flight in lets say October, then a return US-EU/UK flight in, lets say March. Then book cheap one way fares on different airlines to make those into two round trips? I have read about back to back ticketing, nested ticketing, ect. None of them seem to be what I am describing.

    1. Basically, it’s not a worry. They may frown upon it, but on separate reservations there’s no way to prove intent and no way to police it. I do it all the time 😉. As to the European side, more competition mainly.

  2. I can’t find any prices at this rate (more like £1600). Tried 6 different months from now until February on the virgin site. Am I doing something wrong ? Or is it sold out?

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