a bed with white sheets and pillows in an airplane

Despite the goings on in the rest of the world – 2017 has been nothing short of exceptional in air travel. Just when we thought on board suites had reached their imaginative peak, two stellar new seats debuted. But that’s not the only wowing move of 2017. In fact, there were quite a few.

a room with desks and computer screensQatar QSuites – Business Class

Why: Fully enclosed doors and XL entertainment screens in business class. Double beds.

When: Flying now between Doha and London, New York, Paris and Tokyo.

a bed in a planeEmirates Suite – First Class

Why: Zero gravity seat, virtual reality windows, FaceTime with cabin crew for needs.

When: Currently flying between Dubai and Geneva, Brussels with Chicago and Perth next.

a bed and chair in a planeSingapore Suite – First Class

Why: An apartment in the sky, reclining chair and separate bed with extra large TV.

When: Debuting between Singapore and Sydney in January, expanding to London in 2018.

an airplane with seats and windowsDelta One Suite – Business Class

Why: Fully enclosed door, extra work space, high def screen, state of the art A350 aircraft.

When: Currently flying between Detroit and Tokyo, expanding in 2018.

a interior of a plane with windows and seatsBoom Bed – First Class

Why: It’s a bed on a supersonic jet. Not that you need one on a 3.5 hour transatlantic flight.

When: The boom prototype will fly in 2018, with flights expected in 2022. We’re excited.

Honorable mentions

FlyDubai flat bed business seat, Lufthansa (to be seen) business class seat.

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