a interior of a plane with windows and seats

Breakfast in Paris, Lunch in New York, dinner in Tokyo? It could happen. Over a year ago we first wrote about “Boom”, the company which exploded onto the scene by announcing that supersonic travel was far from dead. It was easy to drum up initial press, but the company has now proven it’s no one hit wonder. They just announced 72 orders for their supersonic, premium class jetliners, meaning you could quite literally hop around the globe, in a bed, in just a matter of hours.

a interior of a plane with windows and seats

Seriously Fast…

New York to Paris in 3.5 hours- with all in the comfort of a first class bed, or a stylish business class seat is becoming a reality. Though the thought of supersonic travel as a futuristic, pipe dream of years past was enjoyable, this is legitimately exciting news, with real follow through. At the recent Paris Airshow, Boom Aerospace announced 72 orders for their supersonic jet, including non refundable downpayment, a significant sign of business. The big picture: commercial flights will realistically begin in 2023. Test flights on the 1,451 mile an hour, mach 2.2 “XB-1” prototype  however, will begin next year.

a mannequin lying in a plane

Virgin First?

The first launch customers? That’s a secret for now (to us too), but we know one for sure. The Virgin Group, helmed by Richard Branson was an early investor in Boom, so it’s not surprising that the airline group already has 10 planes on order with Boom Aerspace. Can you imagine a fully premium London to New York experience in 3 mere hours? The big question on everyone’s minds is price, and so far Boom says it’s model is centered around supersonic travel at a fraction of the previous Concorde price tag. Let’s hope, because so far we’ve heard sub 5k, and “flash” sales are a thing, these days…

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