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This is SUPER low…

British Airways has upgraded first class recently with improved amenities, dining, pyjamas, amenity kits and more. It was always a lovely way to fly, and now it’s a bit better. Hey, anywhere that serves $140 champagne in the sky is fine by me.

It’s a lot of money, but if you’ve been dying to try First Class and experience the best British Airways has to offer, there’s an amazing deal right now which gets you round trip to one of the most exciting cities in the USA for £1750 round trip. You can even use your Avios Points to reduce the price. You’ll earn plenty back, that’s for sure…

a glass of wine and food on a tableThe First Class Flight Deals

British Airways has quietly just released some deals, and there’s a few that sent a red alert across our price trackers. If you don’t mind positioning to Inverness, or happen to actually live there, you can fly round trip in first class for less than most business class fares go for to places like San Jose, California, Philadelphia, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago for £1750.

Hot tip: you can always combine these flight deals with economy, premium or business the other way to lower the price. Going out in first and back in business is never a bad idea.

If you don’t live in Scotland and want to save the hassle, these deals are available from London around £1800 as well. £1750 gets you access to the Concorde Room at Heathrow and perhaps also the rare pleasure to enjoy seat 1A (or K) on a long haul flight. 

The Dates You Can Travel

As one using their noggin might expect, these deals aren’t widely available, but there are plenty of dates you can book. The best availability is found in January, February and March for trips departing on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Some April dates may also be available.

To get the lowest prices, look to stay at least five nights. Longer stays are fine. In general, trips which leave on a Wednesday and return the next Wednesday have the greatest availability.

a seat with a tv and a screen on the side of the seatHow To Book These First Class Steals

First class under £2000 is a rare treat, so to see it at £1650 to a long haul destination offering at least 9 hours in the air is awesome. Plus, West Coast is on offer, when you can really enjoy the extra space. The best way to book these deals is directly with British Airways, which you can do below using the hot links. The links takes you directly to the lowest prices, so just tinker with dates from there and enjoy!

You can check out the full set of First Class steals from London here.

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  1. Thanks, these are good ex-UK premium class fares. I already have a NYC-LHR-NYC BA trip booked for late September. Would it be against the rules for me to book LHR-NYC (August)-LHR (November) as I already have the September ex-USA trip booked?

  2. No.
    Only US airlines even try to claim that nesting is against their terms and conditions.
    There is no such term in BA (or LH or SQ) small print.

    I can’t see a court ever siding with the US airlines “You agree to each individual contract but claim that the two contracts existing together means that you can increase the price??”
    I guess the wording is there to frighten off corporate travel departments booking for people doing weekly commuting on a long-term basis.

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