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Two words: largest windows…

With wings so wide, they actually need to be folded up on the ground, the Boeing 777X is an aircraft sure to make an instant impact at airports around the world. On board, customers are promised the world’s largest airplane windows, improved cabin pressure and revolutionary seats. That’s got travelers very excited. Adding to the immense anticipation, Boeing has just released a video showing the final body assembly of this behemoth of an airplane. The future of flying is now imminent…

boeing 777x wing tip Boeing 777X Specs

Spanning 77 meters from nose to tail with a wingspan of 72 meters folded down, the Boeing 777X is unlike any other. It’s also the most fuel efficient twin engine wide body jet in the skies, boasting composite wings. Speaking of which, the plane is so wide, the wings must be folded up for taxi. It’s best to picture a fiat with a longboard surfboard trying to squeeze down an Italian alleyway.

boeing 777x body

The plane is powered by GE-9X engines, which are said to increase fuel efficiency by 10%. To create this new generation of long haul aircraft, Boeing broke the mold with this one. The plane was assembled in Everett, Washington USA and construction reinvented many key engineering processes, before joining together three major components at the very end. Here’s how that looked…

777X Airline Roll Out

The plane will have three variants, to be known as the 777-8 and 777-9. At the sheer concept of a new 777X business class, Lufthansa was elevated to a five star airline by Skytrax, but they won’t be first in line. Emirates has dibs on the first Boeing 777X, with aircraft delivery expected in 2020. The airline is the largest customer, with 150 777X aircraft on order.

boeing 777x Qatar, ANA, Cathay Pacific, Singapore and Lufthansa are the only current customers, with firm orders on the books. With a list price of $425 million per jet, it’s certainly not cheap, even with discounts thrown in! The newly assembled wide body giant will begin rigorous test flights in January 2019 ahead of its customer launch. The plane will quite literally endure thousands of flight testing hours, under a variety of grueling circumstances before delivery.

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    1. Yes, they paid precisely zero dollars, and we had zero discussions on the subject and came to the conclusion that the only way to write anything in today’s world, is with a big dose of negativity, because it’s impossible for anything in life to just be “good”.

  1. Hey… You forgot the 150 units ordered by EK…ör Emirates in case you don’t know… The largest order of this model… Big error and the launch airline is LH..

    1. Actually, no I did not. If you read the article you’ll see the Emirates orders are and have always been in the article. And they will receive the first 777x.

  2. I agree with GSTP above. Not everything needs to be viewed as negative and cynical. Boeing is an admirable company and makes the best passenger aircraft.

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