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Los Angeles is the place where it all comes together. Just a mere hour’s flight from Las Vegas, never more than 10 seconds from sunshine and always with an addictive buzz it’s a total holiday dream. And yeah, a Pacific Coast road trip is a great idea. There’s peaceful hikes in the canyon, glitz shopping in Beverly Hills and plenty of places to send your tastebuds into total delight.

The stunning Californian city may have long been a pipe dream – but no more. There are £294 return flight deals on major airlines, getting you there direct for less than it might cost to go to Manchester for the weekend… on a train!

a man and woman in a kitchenThe Flight Deals To Sunny Los Angeles

Not that the UK needs any sun at the moment, but that tends to change come autumn and winter. Los Angeles on the other hand – it’s pretty much always sunny. Both Virgin and BA are battling new airline competition on the prized Los Angeles route from Norwegian, Swiss, Lufthansa and Austrian, and for the time being, that’s bringing super low fares.

The Dates You Can Travel

Who says you can’t have it all? These flight offers are available from September 22nd through mid December 2019, and then again from January 2nd all the way through to June 2020. LA is a perfect getaway in autumn, winter or spring. Much to our pleasant surprise, there’s no minimum stay, so even a long weekend away – or less – is ok.

LA flight deal.Not that you are – but if you were asking when to go, we’d say October and November, or March and April are pretty outrageously nice. It’s always nice in LA, but these are the months where it’s least likely to be nice in the UK, which helps create the brag worthy tan everyone loves to drag home.

How To Book These LA Flight Steals

There are deals, then there are steals. Getting to Los Angeles round trip for under £300 is legitimately less than many sweaty people will pay to take a UK train today. While these prices don’t include any checked bags, a full sized carry on and small personal item are totally fine. Here’s how to pack so that you can fit all your crap into that allowance.

We’ve made really easy to use links which take you directly to the best flight deals so that you can change the dates to something you want and book with ease, like…

Here are a few mistakes to avoid in Los Angeles, and a few reasons it makes such a fun place to visit, in case you need to sell anyone. It’s hard to imagine a better way to spend a weekend than some Alfred Coffee in Melrose followed by some sunset cocktails in Santa Monica. Enjoy!

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