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The essence of perfect family travel is a little bit of this – a little bit of that. What mom and dad love, the kids might not. What the kids love, mom and dad probably don’t. Enter: Los Angeles. The SoCal city is not just a little this, a little that – it’s a lot of everything, with something for truly everyone. Here are ten reasons Los Angeles is the perfect spot for your next family trip, but there are so many more…

a sign on a hill with a city in the backgroundCheap Stays

Airbnb is everywhere in LA and surrounding areas. For a family hoping to not pay major city hotel pricing on more than one room, a two bedroom in one of the cool LA neighborhoods can be a brilliant solution. Not only will you avoid gouging prices, you’ll discover a more authentic LA experience. But of course, there are great hotels as well.

Amusement Parks

Young kids? Or maybe just children trapped in adult bodies? LA offers Universal Studios and many other iconic spots where you can live your favorite movies or see how they’re made. Maybe a Warner Bros set tour while you’re at it? or Paramount. You can even watch your favorite shows being taped. You get the gist.

a desert landscape with mountains and treesDay Trips

San Diego is a mere two hours drive from Los Angeles. Palm Springs, about the same. Bottom line: there are incredible overnight and day trips within a short drive where you can experience more of California without the need for extra expenses like flights. For the more adventurous, head to Joshua Tree to experience one of the most unique places in America.

Exercise Galore

Like it or not, exercise is great for everyone. Los Angeles offers some of the most pleasant ways to get everyone active, from hikes in the Hollywood Hills to renting bikes along Santa Monica and Venice Beach. And with weather virtually perfect all year, you can throw in just about any other outdoor activity too.



a sunset over a beach with palm trees

Beaches And So Much More

There are plenty of destinations offering beaches, but few which offer the cultural elements attached to a city like Los Angeles. It’s one of the most diverse, multi cultural places on earth, with offices for Google, Apple, Beats By Dre and other major companies within a stones throw from the beach.

Museums, Culture, Galore

The Griffith Observatory is fascinating. The Getty is breathtaking, the LACMA – the same. And there’s still like 10 we haven’t even mentioned yet. In between rollerblading along the boardwalk, screaming your lungs out at Universal Studios and everything else, you can enjoy one of the best museum scenes found in the US outside of New York City.

a group of plates of foodCheap Eats

LA has one of the best food truck and ethnic food scenes found anywhere in the US. You can find delectable bites under $10 per person all over the city. With thriving Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Japanese and other populations – you’re bound to get incredible food at a reasonable price. Of course you can always go to Spago or Nobu if you want to spend big buck…

Shopping Is Everywhere

Any shoppers in your family? Thought so. From Rodeo Drive to the Grove there are malls, markets and shopping stalls everywhere. Downtown LA now offers great markets and underground offerings, while Beverly Hills and Melrose will get you exactly what you were hoping for in the luxury department.

a screenshot of a flight scheduleFlight Deals

Finding flight deals can be really hard, especially when a city only has one airport. But for Los Angeles, you’ve got endless options. There’s Los Angeles International, Burbank, Orange County and if the savings are major, even San Diego or Palm Springs. LA is one of the cheapest cities for flights within the US, with even transcontinental deals regularly under $210 round trip!

Sports, More Sports

Hockey fan? How about soccer, football (the one with your hands), tennis, golf or maybe baseball or basketball? Los Angeles has at least one major sports team for every major sport, including two baseball teams and two basketball teams. Tickets are cheaper than many other major cities making it the perfect place to take the family out for a ball game (queue the music).

What’s your favorite US destination to take family?


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  1. I would also add:

    1) music – we have a lot of small venues that cater to up and coming bands, world class orchestras, the Hollywood bowl, etc. also every major concert tour runs through LA (many with multiple show dates)

    2) TV show tapings: game shows (Price is Right, Let’s Make a Deal, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Guy’s Grovery Games), Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, American Idol, So You Think You. Can Dance, comedy show and concert tapings, sitcom studio audiences, Jimmy Kimmell and Conan O’Brien, etc

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