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It’s happening, and it’s happening fast. After the UK dropped all Covid-19 related restrictions, including travel, nearby neighbors began to follow. First, it was Nordic countries, then Ireland and now many European Union countries are following suit.

Oddly that still left many airports in these countries.

Much like airport security protocols, most countries take their cues from regulations in the United States. When the US decided to extend the mask mandate beyond March 18th, it was expected other countries would also wait. In a major twist, some didn’t.

a city with many buildings

French Airports Join UK In Dropping Masks

The UK, in coordination with Heathrow, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic announced masks would drop from the Wednesday, the 16th of March.

Now, Paris Charles Du Gaulle and Orly are following, marking two more major European airports where masks are no longer required, even though some flights from these airports may still require them.

For many travelers, this is welcome news, but for flight crews operating out of these airports, it may be more headache than joy, for the time being. Some airlines, such as British Airways will no longer require masks, but most European airlines still do.

With passengers allowed to take masks off in airports, many will believe they can do the same on board. Flights to the United States, among many other destinations in Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America will also require masks.

Until the US revisits its transportation mask policy for airports and airplanes, it’s going to be a confusing month for just about everyone, as the “do I, or don’t I” question takes new degrees of uncertainty.

One thing is for sure, mask requirements are quickly dropping in the Western world, and once the United States drops their own requirements, most holdouts will too.

For now, travel within Europe is looking more and more promising, not just because of mask changes, but testing requirements being dropped alongside passenger locator forms too.

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  1. The new strain is going to be played up soon. It’s coming. More testing = more positive cases and more positive cases = more restrictions.
    BA just reversed on masks. More is coming. COVID is wonderfully political. Don’t think it’s just going to be dropped. “Cases” are a function of testing and can be reported or not as needed.
    Masks on planes in the USA are forever. April 18 announcement is just to string you along.
    Five more years of tests, masks, capacity controls, vax passport (it’s coming), and other restrictions and after that permanent changes (masks, health app tied to human movement limitations). Keep voting left! They need the support as they slowly tighten their grip.

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