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If you’re an American Airlines flyer with upgrade certificates earned from the Business Extra Program, or elite status in the AAdvantage loyalty program, you’re probably used to hearing the words “no there’s no upgrades available, but we can waitlist you”. That’s changed.

Incredible Upgrade Availability ON American Airlines

Booking a recent trip for myself, I came to find that virtually any American Airlines flight I looked up, on any date, to any destination in the world had plenty of “C” space, the coveted booking code needed to process an upgrade from economy to business class using an upgrade certificate.

Why you care: airline service isn’t entirely what it was before, but space matters more than ever. Being able to book economy and fly business class is a treat right now, and one that’s easier than ever. Even on the most premium routes.

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Like flights between New York JFK and Los Angeles, or any US hub and London. Just months ago, the thought of finding even one confirmable upgrade, let alone 5, 6, or 7 on a single flight, on just about any day you pick would’ve been laughable. Not so much now…

New York to Los Angeles

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New York or Miami to London

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Los Angeles to Hawaii

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Travel absolutely isn’t for everyone right now, but there are many destinations or areas which are open, and for those who weigh the risks are as wonderful as ever. Hawaii, for example, reopens to travelers October 15th, and provided you bring a negative covid-19 test certificate, quarantine requirements are dropped.

If you are thinking of traveling any time in the next year, you might want to check out upgrade space on American Airlines using ExpertFlyer.com, because if you see “C” space, you can buy economy and fly business class using an upgrade. That’s never a sad thing.

Here’s a guide to navigating ExpertFlyer. If you’re not into subscriptions, you can always call American and ask if there are any upgrades using miles or certificates available. Chances are, they will be. Good to know, right?

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