Photo of Emirates a380 flying

If you love to fly, you probably love the double decker Airbus A380 super-jumbo jet. And if you love the A380, you probably love Emirates version of the massive jet.

The seats are generally bigger and wider than others, and the entertainment screens are too. Of course, if you’re in the upper deck, stretched out in a business class seat or first class suite, or even the upstairs bar, it’s even better. Sometimes, the jet is so quiet, it’s hard to believe it’s roaring down a runway.

The pandemic had other plans for the world’s largest airliners though, which sadly saw many A380 fleets retired entirely, or significantly curtailed. Many A380’s will never fly again, or remain in storage.

Throughout the global health situation, Emirates remained a defiant A380 operator, flying to at least a handful of cities with the behemoth at all times, and now the airline plans to return all London Heathrow flights to A380 only.

Photo of Emirates a380 flying

Emirates Going All A380 At Heathrow

From November 1st, 2021, Emirates will fly all Airbus A380’s between Dubai (DXB) and London Heathrow (LHR).

In peak times, Emirates was flying up to six Airbus A380’s full of people per day, each carrying up to 517 passengers per flight. The UAE being added to the UK “red list” for travel changed that, and Emirates dropped down to just a flight or two per day, one with a Boeing 777-300ER.

Now that Emirates is back on the amber list and fully vaccinated Brits and others can skip quarantine, Emirates is ramping things back up.

Indeed, a quick search on Google Flights turns up not one or two, but six daily Emirates A380 flights from London Heathrow to Dubai from November 1st. Emirates has tickets on sale starting at £428 round trip in economy, and just under £2000 for business class in their current sale.

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A380 Making A Pandemic Come Back

Ironically, the A380 is seeing new life, as the pandemic recovery begins. Airlines faced with calls to reduce emissions could do so by flying more people with each flight, and or operating fewer daily flights to each location.

Maximizing the amount of people which benefit from a flight helps to justify emissions. Accordingly, A380 operators are quickly getting their big birds out of storage and are readying them for long haul returns. Even short haul trips could make sense.

Emirates never gave up on the A380, and now it’s leading a triumphant recovery as travel picks up from the UK. If you’re visiting Dubai and flying Emirates, expect an A380 from November 1st, onward.

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  1. Abig WOW. EMIRATES IS RUN BY THE MOST INTELLIGENT AND ROYAL SET OF MINDS. BLESS YOU ALL WITH HAPPINESS fyer the most horrible times you have been tgeough.

  2. They are returning twice day with the A380 to Manchester, which last time i looked is ALSO in The UK. Was this an article about Emirates Heathow or the UK ?

    I don’t get the obsession with Heathrow ?

    1. I think the article is fairly self explanatory. Emirates is flying its A380 to Heathrow. If you would like to write one about Manchester, I am sure you’ll find blogging very cathartic.

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