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When talking about Hilton Honors, it’s hard to get too excited about 1,500 points, but 10,00 points is still significant, and between half way and 1/10th of the way to a “free” top tier hotel night redeeming Hilton Honors Points.

Right now, there’s what should be an incredibly easy “win”, offering 10,000 points for completing one survey. That’s about as lucrative as you’ll find these days, and with a travel rebound brewing, the more points the better…

Hilton Honors 10,000 Point Survey Offer

Hilton and Guest Opinion Rewards have a great offer bringing 10,000 Hilton Honors Points after you complete your first survey. This should, by all accounts, be an easy way to earn 10,000 Hilton Honors Points for about 15 minutes of your time, which depending on how you value your time isn’t a terrible reward at all.

The only ‘pause’ comes in that there’s very little confirmation, once you sign up, that you’ll still receive the 10,000 Hilton Honors Points bonus, so it may be worth taking a screenshot of the offer as you sign up. It’s not targeted and as of minutes ago worked just fine. You’ll need to use a US post code (zip code) to sign up.

You can sign up to the rewards survey here.

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Generally speaking, all the good opportunities to earn huge rewards for taking surveys have mostly gone, so this is a welcomed exception. 10,000 Hilton Honors Points could be enough for a free night, or if you want to stay somewhere compelling, will get you well on your way to a free night.

How The Offer Works

If the offer works to plan (always screenshot), you should be able to sign up using the link above, and then complete a survey of your choice. Within 4-6 weeks of completing your first survey, your points should be deposited into the Hilton Honors account as specified when you signed up.

Be sure to use the same name as is on your Hilton account, otherwise points may not make their way as soundly as otherwise. So yeah, if you need points today, this is not the answer, but if you’re building a stockpile, this is great.

Maximizing Hilton Points

The best deal with Hilton Honors is when you achieve elite status and enough points for 5 nights. When you achieve Silver, Gold or Diamond elite status with Hilton, even just from a Hilton Honors credit card (currently a huge welcome bonus too) you are able to enjoy 5th night free when you redeem points, which takes the per night cost down quite a bit.

That can unlock things like the Waldorf Astoria Maldives, LXR Mango House Seychelles and other stunning properties for a lot less than cash costs. However you slice your Hilton Points, this is a great way to become 10,000 richer, assuming all goes to plan. 10,000 points for circa 15 minutes is too good an opportunity to pass up on, if you have the time.

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  1. I tried the link and it doesn’t take me to a Hilton Honors survey it takes me to a survey page and asked for all sorts of information. I suppose you get a payment for every idiot that signs up but doesn’t actually get anything. Thanks!!!

    1. Um, I get nothing. Like zero. As noted, it’s a survey company in partnership with Hilton. They all are. Let’s not be so feisty in comments, and one might not be so feisty back. As specifically noted IN THE ARTICLE, it takes 4-6 weeks for bonus points to be credited.

      1. Might have been worth noting that in your article! Not everyone lives in the USA. It’s good to avoid wasting people’s time.

        1. Anyone using a US zip code can enter. I write to an international audience and not every opportunity will work out for everyone but always try to add clarity where possible.

  2. Thanks for the headsup I am hesitant about giving my honors password out and not sure why they would need that….

    1. I didn’t give any password? I just created a password for the survey platform but did need to give Hilton number for obvious reason.

  3. Didn’t work for me. Said it was only applicable if this was your first survey. Even though I don’t recall ever doing another survey, apparently I did and it disqualified me.

  4. I’ve been on Guest Opinion Rewards for a few years now. The surveys are okay (though some are slow and tortuous). If you don’t “qualify” at the end of a survey you’ll still get a big whopping 10 points. I’ve been kicked out more than once for supposed answers “inconsistent” or apparently going too fast through the surveys. Right now I’m out of it for one or both of these reasons. When you contact (the survey company, because Hilton has nothing to do with the actual surveys), they are unable to tell you where or what you did wrong in a survey.
    For instance they will have a question in a survey about what type of work you do (long list of choices) but no choices for “not working” or “retired”….. so if you answer “other”, apparently that’s wrong or brings you to other work-related questions. Frankly it gets so annoying and it truly does take 4-6 weeks before you even see an accumulation of points in your account. I’ve seen all kinds of mistakes and feel taking the surveys is a great waste of time.

  5. So it’s true that is mandatory to register on Guestoptionrewards with a US Zipcode in order to earn the 10k points?
    There’s any issue if my name and last name match with my Hilton’s account but I put a different adress on Guestoptionrewards ??

  6. Signed up for this 11th march when you posted it. Filled in the profile questions, had numerous emails since then inviting me to complete a survey, but every time I click through from the email it says “unfortunately there are no surveys for you at the present time”. Anyone else get this or just me?

  7. Seems like it worked for me. First I had to spend a few minutes setting up a new account with Guest Opinions (including my Hilton number) then filling out a profile with demographics, employment, etc. Then I got a page with about 6 survey options and I chose the one with the shortest time estimate (ranged from 5-15 mins). After I completed the survey (watching a stupid political ad and giving feedback that I thought it was stupid), it brought me back to where I could take more surveys. (No thanks.) When I click on the Surveys tab at the top, it shows that I got an Activation Bonus of 10k points, and 50 points for the survey I took. Thanks!

  8. Gilbert, Love your info and site!! My comment/question is less fiesty or detailed in who what why calculate etc….Just wondering if you know where that picture in the Hilton Ad above is taken? Which resort? Kind Regards

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