As you make your way around the world, Airbnb is a super valuable tool. Sometimes it’s the joy of finding a place in an area where hotels aren’t, other times it’s the ability to cook and sometimes you just need an extra bedroom to catch up with friends, but whatever the reason, it’s become a game changer in more places than not. Now, you can up your Avios Points game with Airbnb as well.

British Airways has just quietly partnered with Airbnb via the airlines “e-store”, so when you book stays and make one extra click, you’ll get a whole lot of Avios for the trouble. And yes, we’re talking unlimited…

Streets of New YorkThe British Airways E-Store

British Airways has just added Airbnb to its list of UK “e-store” partners. The e-store is the simplest and most overlooked way to earn Avios from things you do every day, because it allows you to earn points just by shopping at all the places you usually would, like Amazon, Asos or Apple.

The only thing you need to do is start at the BA e-store, and click the tracking link which lets your preferred store know you came from the BA site. When it does, you get points based on the purchase, and that now means all Airbnb stays too.

british airways business class seatEarning Avios From Airbnb

You can currently earn 3 Avios per £, € or $ spent on Airbnb, simply by visiting this link, logging into your British Airways Executive Club account and then clicking over to Airbnb from there and booking. The prices are the same, everything is the same, but because you clicked over from BA, the Avios will track and you’ll get your extra reward.

It doesn’t matter what credit card or debit card you use, but if you use a British Airways Amex, you could obviously earn even more Avios per dollar. If on the other hand you use Curve, you could earn Virgin miles and British Airways Avios at the same time. Bonkers! The choices are yours!

a room with a record player and a bedStack It All The Way

Before you go, we have an amazing guide on maximizing points earning via Airbnb and taking all these ideas to the next level. Yep, you might not think of Airbnb as a lucrative points goldmine, but it actually is. If you have any Airbnb bookings, this is now a game changer allowing you to collect more points while saving on accommodation. Good stuff, indeed.

Will you take advantage of this cool new opportunity?

Thanks to our friend Antonio for the hot tip : )

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  1. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious here, but why would you get 1% cash back for putting the transaction through Curve? Airbnb are not one of the selectable retailers in their cash back scheme. Nor (sadly) is the BA estore.

  2. Think there’s a way to retroactively use this? In the middle of a trip with 5 Airbnb stays, could be a few thousand avios!

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