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Thinking of jetting off to Dubai, and escaping local lockdowns or a climate which makes the present all the more grey and glum? No points for originality, but it’s certainly not a bad choice. Dubai, and its 80F (26C) and sunny skies, sounds pretty great right now.

Dubai has been a world leader in pre-flight testing, and Emirates was the first global airline to require pre-flight testing from all travelers, starting in the summer of 2020. The Emirate has also been at the forefront of testing and vaccination measures, and is nearing 50% completion in inoculating residents.

Like many destinations eager for guests to pour in though, Dubai may have been redlining it a bit with permitted indoor activities, and much of that is now being rolled back, quite literally. The “party” in the Middle East is getting a sobering wakeup.

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Dubai Clamps Down On Indoor Activities

If you’re planning to dine indoors in Dubai, you’ll now see tables rolled back from a distance of 2 meters, to 3 meters. For indoor gyms and other activities, it’s much the same. All equipment must now be placed 3 meters apart.

As noted, Dubai is quite literally rolling back some distances, aiming to curb spreader events, while also shutting down rule breakers. International visitors looking to unwind are a part of the problem, but it’s up to businesses to uphold local regulations.

Unsurprisingly, Dubai found lax limits, such as up to 10 people seated at one table indoors, to be a significant source of current case counts. That number will be reduced to 7, in a modest but meaningful change. However, it’s tackling root causes as well.

The Emirate is putting greater effort into curbing an issue echoed worldwide – illegal weddings, and gatherings. Despite intense UK lockdowns, authorities recently broke up a 400 person wedding in London, and similar issues have presented themselves in the UAE. Accordingly, 10 person limits are being placed on all social gatherings, even those in private settings such as the home.

A variety of entertainment will also see temporary closures, or significant restrictions on people per square meter. Things like concerts will be rolled back significantly.

Dubai Still Offers Weather And Pools

Dubai is one of the few destinations in the world with intense travel demand right now, as travelers not subjected to travel restrictions look to cash in on winter sun and world class dining, not to mention sandy beaches with lounge chairs, and some mega shops.

The global health situation has created fascinating new divides in travel, with countries most dependent on tourism investing the greatest time, effort and resources in the creation of practical solutions which keep locals safe. It’s certainly easier when the main draws are outdoors, thanks to the weather.

With masks, social distancing, pre flight testing and rapid testing, it’s been proven that travel can be done safely. Sadly, it’s only as good as the weakest link, and that’s why Dubai is taking necessary measures to fight back spread. If you’re thinking of going, most things are still possible, just with increased distance and enforcement.

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