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Emirates Covid-19 Coverage

Travel is a hard sell right now, particularly for airlines. People are discovering new ways to fill their travel fancy, including staycations, van rentals, and even just getting in the car and setting off on a road trip. The “what if” part of covid-19 health coverage is a constant concern for those even considering air travel, particularly abroad.

Unsure where to even start when it comes to buying a travel policy, most simply give up. Emirates’ latest travel amenity may be music to the ears of many weary and unsure travelers, introducing complimentary covid-19 health coverage, even if you booked with points, or already had flights booked…

Your safety is our highest priority at every step. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 while you’re away from home, we will cover your medical expenses up to EUR 150,000 and your quarantine costs up to EUR 100 per day for 14 days – absolutely free.

Emirates is doing almost the unthinkable, rolling out worldwide global covid-19 coverage for all, not just some, travelers in all cabins who book with the airline at, or with their travel agent.

The health coverage policy applies to all travel on Emirates for 31 days from the time if your first flight with Emirates, for travel between July 23rd, 2020 and October 23rd, 2020. And yes, even if you already bought a ticket before the good news.

Taking things even further, the coverage applies even if you carry on from your Emirates destination, “even if you travel onwards to another city.” And going even, even further – it applies to tickets booked with Emirates Skyward miles. In other words, if you land in Milan, and drive on to Lake Lugano, you’re still covered, so long as its within 31 days of your first flight.

The coverage appears to be issued by NEXtCARE, a leading health provider, and does not require any forms or paperwork before travel.The FAQ’s of the exciting new policy state that if you are diagnosed abroad, you must contact the airline claim service using the contact information provided, and must wait to have the claim pay expenses, rather than pay and then claim back.

The policy applies to one-way tickets and round trips equally, with the same 31 days from the date of departure included in the coverage. Emirates clarifies that if you have a second reservation, the 31 days resets with each one. The coverage does not apply to your home country.

an airplane flying over waterIs This Enough To Make You Book

Emirates has been a leader in stepping up requirements to ensure safe travel, including covid-19 testing requirements before being allowed to board flights from a variety of countries, if you’d like to fly with the airline. Now, with the addition of a worry free covid-19 policy, which even helps cover quarantine costs in the event of a positive test, the skies feel a lot friendlier, once again.

The question is: will it be enough to entice you back onto an Emirates flight, with a new booking? Emirates is operating one of the most wide ranging maps of destinations during covid-19, with quite a few gateways across Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific and the USA still operating. You can check out their latest fares, here.

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