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This may literally be the best tool an airline has ever created. Inspiration is easy in travel, but squaring inspiration with the reality of money or miles balances can be more difficult. Delta has rolled out a fantastic new tool, which allows you to explore the world at a budget you set, with miles or cash.

Google Flights may have come up with the idea first, but by adding points prices too, Delta has taken it to new heights. Here’s the new Delta website feature you’ve got to play around with, which should only get better with time…

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Delta’s Destination Finder

Want to filter by price, travel restrictions, or whether bars are open? You can. And unlike most airline websites which look like they run on Windows 95, Delta has a fully interactive map, showing you visually all the places your cash, or points can take you.

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Delta’s new interactive destination finder allows you to filter by maximum budget using points or cash. This is always a fascinating way to see that far off destinations like Israel or Portugal may only be marginally more expensive, or in some cases cheaper, than domestic travel!

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Being able to see points prices helps give a ballpark of where Delta Skymiles can take you.

You just slide the sliders to customize what you want to see, or what’s in your budget and the map does the rest. It’s always worth zooming in and zooming out to see all that exists. It’s awesome.

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For each destination you can see the four main things travelers want to know, including quarantine, test proof, forms or insurance.

Awesome Destination Filters

Travel entry restrictions such as vaccination or testing requirements at the destination are going to factor into most decisions for at least a year to come, and this new Delta tool takes that into account too.

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You can even filter things like “only destinations with museums open”, or only places where “non-essential shops are open”. The map pulls the latest data from both local and regional US domestic cities, as well as destinations further afield.

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How Delta’s Destination Tool Works

The first step is entering your starting point. Once that’s in, a list of all the lowest prices using points or cash will pop up on the map, and you can begin to filter further using your own preferences.

Setting New York LaGuardia as a starting point, I was instantly presented with a variety of US destinations available for under $100 round trip using cash, or fewer than 10,000 points using Delta SkyMiles. I’m now considering some destinations that I’d completely zoned out unintentionally.

Unfortunately, there’s just one drawback with Delta’s new destination tool: it doesn’t allow you to filter for Delta One Business Class, or Premium Select. For now, the tool is exclusively for economy cabin bookings with points or cash. That’s absolutely expected to change over time.

It’ll certainly help people get value from the limited time 90,000 Point Delta Skymiles Amex bonuses!

This is a really cool and smart tool from Delta, which draws upon things people love from Google Flights and helps massively with travel inspiration both near and far. Sure, if you’re traveling purely on price, Google Flights has almost the same eact inspiration tool and will show other airline prices too, but if you’re a Delta loyalist, or want to use points, this makes things even easier.

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  1. I wish they had a cabin class filter too, since being a cheaper destination in economy often doesn’t translate to being cheaper in C+ or business.

  2. Yea delta should stay the f**k out of politics just like sports, and all the other woke a-hole companies, as conservatives like me and our families ain’t buying nothing from them, but we ARE buying, and buying …a LOT, f**k tards! Oh yea you should be buying crypto’s !! As the central banks housing and stock market will be going down hard!

    1. I realize this news is late coming to you but you’re not supposed to drink the bong water.

  3. I’m no fan of Delta but this was a great idea. I’d love for other airlines to do the same.

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