You know the scene: long flight, tired body, and all you want is to tuck into an epic boxset and pass out. But there’s just one incredibly frustrating problem – every time an episode ends, you have to manually start the next one, disturbing the oh-so-imperfect position you’ve managed to cradle yourself into. Delta is changing that, amongst other things, with their new in-flight entertainment setup, and it’s great news for passengers…

The Binge Button

Delta is adding a “binge” button to seat back screens, which means you’ll be able to essentially autoplay your watchlist or season without the need to keep waking up and tapping. If that’s not the best news you’ll hear all week, you’re having a good week. Word is that you’ll be seeing this later in the year.

New Seat Back Screens

Delta is currently in the process of retrofitting planes with fully “wireless” screens, which of course frees up room in the footwell, which would traditionally be where the brains of the screens were positioned.

These screens not only take up less of your increasingly precious legroom, they’re also easier to replace and swap out before the next flight, should any problems ever occur. Not that airlines ever encounter such issues, of course.

Potential For Bluetooth?

The Verge notes that Delta is looking into the possibility of allowing bluetooth connectivity at each seat, forever ending the frustrating plug in nature of headphones on planes, in a world where phones don’t even have plug in jacks.

GSTP has confirmed with other Delta partners that this is a key focus in (actually) enhancing guest experience, but current technology limitations don’t exactly make it a slam dunk. For now, you can always invest $40 in the best travel accessory on the planet, at least according to us…

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