Tokyo At Meguro Canal
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Selling Tokyo is like selling air conditioning in the desert. You know you want it, you know you need it and if you like food, it’s a whole new level. Other than clever ways to use points, there’s just not many opportunities to get there on the cheap though. Unless you have faberge eggs laying around your house, today’s deal may not qualify as cheap, but for a comfortable ride to a lovely place – it’s a great deal. Here’s how to snag £1450 business class from UK cities to Tokyo…

a crowd of people crossing a streetThe Flight Deals To Tokyo

Star Alliance has launched aggressive sales from regional UK airports aimed at picking up on those who feel underserved by airlines which favour London hubs. At the same time, SkyTeam is attacking London hubs, with £1600 round trip business class fares as well. Basically – good deals are all over the place. If you prefer Oneworld, there are limited dates over £2k, but that’s a big jump.

The only downside with the £1400 fares is that they require two stops on the way home, but they’re easy stops. The SkyTeam deals are simply one stop hops connecting via Paris, Amsterdam or Italy.

The Dates You Can Travel

Each offer brings slightly different dates, but for ballpark purposes, these deals are available from November 2019 thru June of 2020. That’s particularly true of the £1600 deals from London, but the £1400 deals from Manchester and Edinburgh also begin earlier, starting with dates in October, and even a few scattered options in August.

To lock in the lowest price, you’ll need at least one Saturday stay in Tokyo. Other than that, you can pretty much come and go as you please, which makes these very handy deals indeed.

How To Book These Flights

Tokyo is great, bla bla bla – you know that already. If it’s your first time, here’s a few suggestions on fun things to do. There’s no telling how long these flight deals will last, so it’s always best to firm up plans ASAP and get to booking while it’s hot. Here are links to the hottest deals from each city, like…

Enjoy the trip! And don’t forget that some top sushi spots require a concierge or Japanese speaker to book a table. They might not be willing to deal with you : )

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  1. Gilbert,

    curious how fluent in Japanese you are, and how many times you’ve been to Japan.

    1. Hey Stan, I’m not remotely fluent in terms of language. Culturally, I’d say I get it more than most. I’ve been quite a few times.

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